Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

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Good--Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opin

Postby Wayne Resident on Mon Sep 22, 2008 9:53 pm

This is crazy. Grown people talking about a dog being shot. Mayor MacDonald must be smoking something. Keep your dog confined and they stay alive. I commend the officer for removing a menace from our streets. I almost shot a dog who decided that he wasn't going to let me enter my own yard. If you own a dog, keep them under control.

All these bleeding heart yokels hollering about this mutt, just imagine if the officer shot a Hispanic or Black person, mayor MacDuffy would swear that the office shot in self defense.
Wayne Resident
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby wggs on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:02 pm

i think the matter of the officer killing the dog was handle wrong. he could have chose another way to handle a dog if he cant handle a dog he doesnt need to be a officer .what happens when he goes to a bar , 200 pound man is acting out does he shoot him it is said that this officer has a dog
i am sure he would use all his resourses to get someone that hurt him. that is how all animal lovers are we are there to protect them .why didnt you think twice before shooting that gun. that could have been your dog you will have to live with that my heart goes out to durham family mt.olive police department needs more training on how to handle aminal control hope they get it
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby right1today on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:08 pm

I am ashamed in our communtiy at large and especially in the Mount Olive Mayor. This paper has jumped the gun and catered to the bleeding heart liberals that have ran this country for far too long!!! If a man points a gun at you, do you wait to see if he will shoot before defending yourself? I don't think you would but a man with a gun isn't considered to be cute now is he!As far as I am concerned the officer should have shot the dog. Everybody loves a cute little dog til it bites them or chases them into the house.
The mayor of Mount Olive should be ashamed. I am certain he was not there and unless he was he should have left the comments up to someone who knows the whole story. I have talked to Ray many times and most of the time he is full of it and simply says what the people around him want to hear.
The only thing I see wrong with this whole situation is that the owner wasn't charged with having a bad dog in the city or failing to keep the dog on her own property.
I am certain none of this would have happened if the dog had not been at someone elses house.

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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby moc2010 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:14 pm

After reading these posts made by people, it is quite obvious that the mother or father of Officer Sasser has had some input. So, please tell me how you feel about him putting a dead, innocent dog in a trashbag and leaving him on the side of the road? How do you think he would feel if he came home to his pit bull in the same condition?? I also want to say Lynn didn't provide good enough trash bags for Durham because the neighbors and I had to put him in several more after it was all said and done..Now you tell justifiable is this situation? It's not whatsoever. It's obvious he is inexperienced and scared. My name is Meredith and I am a junior at Mount Olive College and close friends with Mike and Colby and know first-hand Durham would never have hurt anyone. I am concerned not only for the safety of other animals in the community, but also for the people's because the MOPD is obviously too scared and immature to handle situations such as these. How can we expect them to protect and serve us as a community?? I hate so bad that this happen to Durham but all of you who read this can best believe some mandatory action is under way to make sure this never happens again. Colby, you know everyone is behind you and Mike 100%. Also, I have talked to several people who are willing to help you pay for a lawyer if you decide to take this a step further. Durham is going to be a hero because of this, he'll make a difference!!

And to you, right1today, thats absolutely absurd. Put yourself in this situation!!! The owner obviously did something to try to keep her dogs safe because her other dog was still safely in the pen. Its not her fault he got out. Its people like YOU that this is why situations like these happen!!!!!!! Durham kept going back on the owner's property but because the officers were outside, he went back in the yard!! How would you feel if this was your pet? Apparently, you must not have any and if you do, I pity them!!!!!
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby CSA61 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:21 pm

I was very disturbed, I mean very disturbed over this story and I am so sorry for the family of this pet my heart goes out to you. I think it was handled in a bad way. On other hand we have no idea how these guys were told to handle their situations so more I have had time to think about it, still disturbs me, but we can't say how we would of handle this unless we were faced with it ourselves. I DO NOT THINK THE OFFICER SHOULD BE FIRED EITHER. Would you want to be fired from your job if you made a mistake. I think he should be punished in some way or form if he was in the wrong. And I'm sure Chief Ralph Schroeder will take care of that. I've known him for a very long time and feel he is a fair man with every situation. Only thing about Ralph Schroeder I can't understand, is why did it take him so long to get where he is now. I think he has well earned his position.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby ANIMAL VET AST on Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:53 pm

I work at a animal hospital I know all about sweet and friendly lab dogs. They are sweet and friendly with there owner's, but let them ( the owner ) leave the room you can see a whole other side of the dogs. I had a co-worker get her hand bit by an loving, friendly lab dog. I myself have had my share of bites if they show teeth it's never a good sign. I'm not saying all labs are bad yes, there are some that are very loving and friendly. I think that the Officer was in the right if the dog was in attack mode. I will sign a petition to help keep the Officer's job !! I think we have more important things to complain about than this. What about all of our men and women that are overseas fighting, being killed for the US freedom !! What about this up coming election !! What about all of the hurricane victims that has lost everything or a family member. I'm sorry that someone lost there family pet because of this. But I fell that the Officer was protecting the neighborhood and his self. For the ones that are being rude to this Officer and not fully understanding the situation, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone" !!
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby DustinsRelative on Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:06 pm

Meredith (moc2010), if you're referring to me, no, I am neither the father or mother of Officer Sasser. I am also not here to argue points about the case, since even family does not get to know details about a case. I regret that Durham's life was taken, but just wish that judgment is held off until the investigation is over.

As I said before, no one knows what, if any, commands he was given by a supervising officer or the full situation. It has been increasingly clear however from neighborhood residents that this is not the first time the dog has gotten loose and scared them. When an officer has to take a life, its not just for fear of their safety, its also for the fear of residents of the community--possibly the little kid riding their bike down the sidewalk who could have been attacked if an aggressive dog was left roaming around. Before you criticize any officer's or the whole department's maturity/fear level, I ask you, did you complain about it when they took the drug dealer off the street the other week? Did you complain about it when they risked their life to chase down an armed suspect for the safety of the community and not their own?

Also note: I do not speak on behalf on Officer Sasser or MOPD's behalf, only my own.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby justbeingme on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:19 am

Let's look at this like educated adults,Shall we?
First, we have a 45 lb dog.
Second, we have a grown man (150-250lbs who knows?).
Third, I am sure that this man is wearing at least a minimal protective uniform.
Forth, The dog was TOO FAR AWAY TO USE MACE ON, so the officer wasn't in TOO much danger!!!
Fifth, HE HAD TIME TO GO BACK AND GET HIS SHOTGUN, so again the office wasn't in too much danger!!!
Sixth, Did the officer call animal control and allow them to do their job? According to Wayne County Animal Control Director Justin Scally
"there weren't any calls from MOPD thursday evening or since in reference to the incident"!!!
Seventh, The officer was not being shot at, his life was obviously not in any immediate danger ( he had time to go back to his car, not to call Animal Control, But to get his shotgun.)
Now, let's look at the enviroment that this happened. It wasn't in the county were no one was around. It happened in the city limits in a neighborhood, with a woman telling him that the dog was not harmful, with children watching. Shot this animal not once, but twice.
Would I as a citizen still have the freedom to go to work and sleep in my own bed if I had done the same? What if everyone starts shooting animals because we feel threatened???
It does not matter what the justification is. We pay taxes for police (peace) officers to protect and serve, those same taxes are for ANIMAL CONTROL to do what they are paid to do--control animals.
Now if this "vicious" animal was attacking Officer Sasser then the use of DEADLY FORCE could be justified, Still hard to swallow for a community to believe that a law enforcement officers only means of defense against a 45 lb dog would be to shoot it, but justified none the less.
I don't think this man should lose his job, But I wasn't my dog either.
With time to go back and get his shotgun he had time to make a dispatched call to Animal Control.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby wonderer on Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:43 am

My sympathy goes out to this family. I am a dog lover and have had dogs all my life. The act that this person did to the lovely dog is less than protecting the neighborhood. Lets use some common sense. A patrolman arrives at the scene and looks at the dog. Another patrolman arrives and now 2 people are looking at a dog. A dog when placed in fear will do what is expected to protect its surroundings and I believe that this is the nature of this dog...protecting his surroundings. Yes he showed his teeth as they say. However, he did not jump at anybody. He was using his first defense power and that patrolman shot him out of fear i believe instead of trying to smooth out the problem. That patrolman paniced because he felt in fear of the dog showing his teeth. When playing with my dog, he will show his teeth but has never, never lunged at anybody or bit anybody. Looking at my dog, in a glazing fashion, my dog will bark and shine his teeth, but his tail is still swagging and he comes to get affection. He is a mixed black lab and pit bull. he plays with other dogs and children in the neighborhood and his tail gets pulled all the time. Never a problem with this mixed breed dog known for danger when placed in danger. Again, in closing, I believe the patrolman acted in a hasty manner, especially when he went and got the shotgun and shot him twice when once would have done. This was wrong, just simply wrong. I need more information of a negative nature for me to change my mind. The patrolmen is hired to protect, but I feel he acted in a hasty manner, when he could have waited and watched the actions of the dog first. What if I did a hasty thing to his dog especially with him not being at home. posting a notice to the actions of the dog to the owner could have been a better solution for getting rid of the canine.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby ann on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:47 am

There is so much disagreement among posts about the past history and personality of this poor dog. Since the dog was killed there is now no way to professionally assess the dog's behavior. Wouldn't it have been a much wiser decision to bring in animal control before taking such a permanent action? If the dog was still alive we would have a clearer picture of the truth.
I have owned several sweet dogs without ever having any "aggressive" incidents. However, if they had ever been actively pursued by strangers and perceived they were in danger I don't know how they would have responded. I think this incident terrifies pet owners in Mount Olive because this town is densely populated with pet dogs. While the vast majority of dog owners are diligent about keeping their pets in their homes or safely confined in their yards--I think all dogs have probably temporarily escaped from their homes at some time. It's scary to think that if my pet gets out it may be in greater danger of being shot than being hit by a car. Also, there is a small population of pet owners who habitually have dogs that run free or have a tendency to get out of their yards--some of them longstanding and prominent residents. As one who walks my dog regularly, there are blocks I must either avoid or approach with caution because I am most likely to be "greeted" by a dog that comes out of it's yard and I can never be quite sure what potential for harm exists. We can't declare open season on dogs to solve this problem.
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