Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby showin'teeth on Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:32 am


just for your fyi, the call was not given out as a "vicious animal" call. the chief complaint was that the dog barked day and night. the caller was asked if the animal was vicious the answer was NO. get your facts straight. if you don't agree with me, come jump in my back pocket and we'll take a trip to the 911 Center and we'll get the call log. afterall, you should be one who wants the cold hard facts after jumping on people's cases.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby single39 on Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:24 am

I think something should be done about the police dept. because i know for a fact this is the second dog they have shot .the other dog had done nothing wrong .they shot the first dog and left it under a trailer in town at a place of bussiness.The owner went to the police station to find what they have done with the dog and to find out they carried him behind the carver school didnt even dig a hole but just put a little dirt over him. how would they feel if they got home andsomeone had shot there dog if they had one ? i personally think they can handle things a little diffrent about dogs( animal shelter) maybe? just give them a call is that to much to ask?
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby gotsomesense on Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:37 am

showin' teeth

I will request the log, even though the caller did not originally call 911. A call to 911 about a barking dog (how ridiculous is that?) would have been immediately sent to animal control, not the MOPD. You are trying to make me believe that 911 did not know that they could call animal control after hours either since, according to you, 911 dispatched the MOPD to an animal call. If 911 made the decision to send a police officer, not an animal control officer, to a call about a barking dog - then why in the world would the MOPD think that they could call on animal control if 911 couldn't. Please logically think about your post before you post it. In either case, the caller did indicate that the dog had chased her into her house while she was out in her yard doing yard work. After finding the dog in her back yard, the dog chased the officer back into her house. Please don't dismiss the facts in order to make your case.

And by the way, I haven't attacked anybody, only their positions. I agree with love/hate. It seems that you have an axe to grind that has nothing to do with this particular situation.

Former Goldsboro, I appreciate the post about being concerned that, still, nothing has been done to this dog pen. To me, it really does say a lot about the owners that they are willing to go to the MO Town Board meeting to discuss what changes they think the police department should make when they haven't fixed/replaced their dog pen. (For those of you who would like this is Biblical terms - "Don't don't offer to pull the mote out of your brother's eye while trying to look through the beam in your own eye). If they display this lack of concern after such a terrible tragedy, I can only imagine the lack of concern that they displayed before this happened. No wonder the neighbors quit trying to communicate with them. (And they were communicated with - Wiggins, the concerned father, talked with the owner's father about the dogs. This is when he said he would put up a higher fence, you know, the one that he himself talks about in his own post. Please don't ignore this admission from the owner's father in this very forum. It proves that their was communication between the neighbors and the owners.)
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby andispa on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:10 pm

I don't even know what to say.....sick, just sick. The way the dog was treated, even after being killed is inhumane and I would consider it animal cruelty!!!
I really hope that a petition is started!!
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Tom on Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:35 am

Most of the comments that I have read on this issue seem to support the dog owner on this issue. The problem being that 99% of these people weren't there when the shooting of the animal happened. Granted, neither was I, but I have been in Officer Sasser's position. Believe me, when he fired at the animal he knew all of the flack that he would be taking from people in the community. Most people say that THEY wouldn't have shot the dog. YOU DON'T KNOW UNLESS YOU'VE BEEN THERE. Now I'm all for punishing an Officer when they screw up and there is nothing wrong with costructive criticism. The problem is that all the hatred ( at least it seems like hatred ) levelled at this Officer is the kind of thing that gets Officers hurt or worse. What I mean is that because of all this needless and useless kind of negativity, Officers begin to hesitate and doubt themselves because they don't want to be sued and because they know that their community won't support them. There also seem to be just as many reports about the dog running loose and being vicious or acting in a threatening manner but I see that they don't seem to be getting as much air time or press time. I recall seeing one letter in the paper in support of Officer Sasser. 1 letter was all that was written in support of him.......! The town stands behind him yet they say that "Mistakes were made". Sounds like double talk because they are afraid of the community backlash. Police Officers get tons of training but most of the things that they do still come down to split second decisions. The next time someone needs a police officer to use force in their behalf in the town of Mount Olive, I hope and pray that the responding officer does not think twice because of the way they are treated.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby doglover on Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:59 am

This sociopath of a cop will not stop at shooting a dog. Wait until he blows the head off of one of your children for "baring their teeth." It's a bunch of garbage that he was far enough away from the dog to have to use a shotgun, yet he felt threatened. He was just a cop with bloodlust that wanted to kill something that day.

IMHO, I beleive that when this is all over, the Chief will declare him a hero and he will be promoted.

I call BS on him and the department.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby RisqueBizness on Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:02 pm

Well well being a Mt.Olive native as I am ,if you do a small amount of investigating it is not hard to find some interesting facts .
This Dog was not of a vicious nature , officer Parks knew that , his dad , Marsh Parks has somewhere between 20 - 30 hounds and has had them for as many years as I can remember , his granddad had them too , this kid knows how to handle a dog , He grew up handling dogs , but he grew up shooting animals also even dogs .He & His dad frequently runs hounds in wayne county targeting deer which is illegal .

He should never had allowed officer sasser to shoot this "pet" they were 2 kids who wanted to kill something . and be mr big by shooting someone's dog while there was an audiance
Also this "pet" Durham was in his own yard the back corner to be exact . No matter where he had wondered to , at the time he was in his own yard .
Also the neighbor asked officer sasser to not shoot the dog 3 times . and with the reply being I can shoot it if I want to.
Now you had some small kids that saw the whole event , I would bet they will suffer some emotional trauma for a very long time because of the Testerone filled cops that just murdered a family's pet .
Ralph Schroder is standing behind his thugs in the name of MOPD , Ralph has always been fair now the ohio native comes out in him .
These kid cops need to be Fired and Fired today for this criminal act . They , Schroeder, Ray Mc , every Town board member should be sued by Colby , her BF , Peta , any animal rights group , also the 2 cops should be given crimal summons for endangering the public by firing a fire arm in the city limits of mt.olive , and damage to personal property

I am a Mt.Olive citizen I am also a Mt.Olive native and this is my opinion and come election day if this matter has not been taken care of I will bring it back to the table . that is a promise
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Donna on Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:06 pm

Many of you are correct when you say we were not there when Durham was murdered. You are correct. We were not there and we did not see exactly what happened. I wish I had been there. You will never get me to believe that he had to shoot that poor little dog.after all, it was a puppy. Being that far away from the officer, it was not necessary to use force like he did. If the dog was not in the process of attacking anyone, he COULD have just as easily called animal control and they WOULD have responded. When he went to his vehicle to to get his shotgun, why didn't he use that time to call animal control and also instruct any bystanders to go inside. Then the dog would have gone on about its business and animal control could have gone out and gotten the dog. I don't think excessive force was needed, if the dog was not actually trying to attack, and as I said, I was not there and I don't know,but if we go by what we heard,it was not actually attacking. How could it be if it was that far away? I think the officer panicked and re-acted because he is inexperienced.As I stated in one of my previous post, I think if he had been K-9 trained, he would have known what to do. If I had been there, I could have handled it for him and I will back that up. If you are trained to do this , there is a much better way. From many years of experience, I know you have to use your mind and tone of voice in these situations. Granted, if the dog has gone mad, I agree you must use a gun, but from what I gather, Durham had not. Also, as far as showing teeth, I don't know if anyone knows, it, but Labs and Dalmations do this when they greet you. It is their way of SMILING. Also, if you have any experience with them, you know the difference. I realize there are two sides to everything and we all have a right to our opinon, but after all I have heard, I really don't think the dog was that vicious.,but then again, as I stated, I was not there. Just my opinion. The MOPD also needs to invest in a tranquilizer gun, among other things.If he can fire a shotgun, he should be capable of firing a tranquilizer gun, don't you think? From some of the post I have read, some people are determined to dis-like animals. I hope you never have to face him with his shotgun, because you might get the same treatment. Some people think this should be dropped. It should not. If we drop it, it could happen again. It should not be swept under the rug, like a lot of things are done in Wayne Co. I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just being truthful and stating how I feel about it. I hope something can and will be done,to make sure this doesn't happen again, and if the owners don't have a proper kennel for the other dog, Bella, they should make it happen, because I totally agree your dogs should not be allowed to run freely. Be responsible and make sure they are secure. It is not that hard to do. The people obviously need to be educated, as well as the officer in question.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby RisqueBizness on Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:27 pm

Donna being K9 trained ?????????? A boy who grew up with hounds is K9 trained , believe me I know , as gentle as most hounds are many are very high strung and are like a tazmanian devil if approached wrong , but given space they will bother noone . this boy can handle a dog . He just wanted to feel powerful and show he was somebody. This is the reason the cops of this country are labled the way they were .
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby MountOliveNative on Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:30 pm

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