Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby scooter424 on Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:01 pm

i talked to 2 leo's yesterday and they both said that if any one shot their dogs that there would be more than just trouble to deal with!! alot of the officers disagree with what sasser did!
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby gotsomesense on Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:03 am

I tell you what guys, I can agree to disagree, but please, start your petition in the neighborhood where the dog was roaming and bothering people - not somewhere else. I will be looking in the newspaper for the petition to be presented to the Town Board and I will be looking at how many signatures come from the area immediately surrounding this neighborhood. Former Goldsboro, you shouldn't have much trouble since you are here so often.

And Wiggins wife is NOT afraid of normal dogs. They own a dog now and they had the dobe Truman for several years before they had children. Normally, people who are afraid of dogs don't own them. Please don't generalize about people without any knowledge of them. I have said that the dog owner was not being responsible. To me, an owner who lets their dogs roam about the neighborhood is not responsible. It is against the law. The owner did little if anything to stop the roaming over about a year. The police were called four times. I think all these facts show that she was not responsible. A mother who doesn't want a dog jumping on her young children and chasing them should not be characterized as being "afraid" of dogs with that being the only evidence of your assertion.

Also, I like the way you characterize me as being under 30. I am not under 30 and I also possess a Master's Degree and I am working on my Doctorate (that's directed toward showin' teeth, who decided that I had no common or book sense a few posts back, and still curiously absent from our discussions....hhhmmmm?) I haven't characterized you as anything except a non-Mount Olive resident, judging that from your username. Showin' Teeth also thought I was a man. I love the way some of you think you know something about people that you don't know. If you keep on totally missing the mark on me, imagine what else you could just might even possibly be wrong about.

The Mayor and the Town Board, along with the Town Manager, who I assure you work at the pleasure of the citizens of Mount Olive, obviously agree with my viewpoint judging from the changes in their ordinances. I will agree to disagree with the town officials on my side andI think that speaks for itself. I won't be posting anymore or checking back to view any, so unless you want to argue amongst yourselves, don't bother.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Former Goldsboro on Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:22 pm

Ok, Dr. Got Some Sense, you say the dog was terrorizing the neighborhood for a year this time, in previous posts you stated there had been multiple compliants in the last two years, how can that be when the dog was just two years old. So you are saying when he was a tiny little puppy he was terrorizing people, that does not make sense. Also you can have a masters or doctorate, it has been my exp. the more advanced degrees someone has the less common sense they possess. Your posts do not make common sense, your story changes too much, you would now have us believe a little fur ball puppy chased people around, puppies nip it is how they play, I have no reports of Durham ever even nipping someone. If the LEO's think the issue was handled wrong, and the only people agreeing with you are the housewives on main street, what is your point. Your little group has circled the wagons on main street to defend the actions of one of your own the complianer. I knew you were a woman from the word go, your impassioned pleas for us to believe your side of the story, men do not write like that, nor do they write posts so long. I think the reason your posts are so long is that you are trying to convince yourself not us. You know this was wrong, but if you follow your gut insticnt you will be out of the Main St. clicque, so keep writing, each time you post you dig your hole deeper and deeper, it is kind of fun to watch. The dog was simply a nuisance, not a danger, granted that perception can be reality, it will only be a matter of time before something else innoncent is killed because of unwarranted perception. Chicken Little said "the sky is falling" another example of inaccurate perception not based in any reality, just like your posts.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Former Goldsboro on Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:31 pm

Lasty, Dr. Got Some Sense, if you do not post again, the defense will rest and jury will rule in favor of the defendant, case closed. Now figure out what type of degree I have :lol:
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby RisqueBizness on Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:34 pm

The shooting death of this dog was just plain wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasser & Parks should be terminated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray McDonald & Ralph Schroeder should make a public apology for the killing of this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
There should also be a Monument of this dog , purchased by the Town of Mt.Olive and placed in the yard by the flag pole that was donated by the Woodmen of the World to remember this dog and this incident for years to come .
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby corgiesx2 on Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:24 pm

I just wanted to let Dustin's Relative know that maybe he should take that pitt bull (that he sleeps with every night) the next time he goes on a "viscious dog call" for an "out of control" labrador and maybe he will feel safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Taylor on Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:46 am


I too had a dog in my neighbor hood that I felt may have been vicious but I was very sensible about it. I talked to the owner first. With out any involvement of the county. The dog was a Rottweiler weighed about 60-80 lbs. But, I was not scared of it I was more worried about mine and other kids in my area. The dog problem I had got taken care of easily and sensibly. After talking to the owner (which by the way was very hard to do seeing I do not speak Spanish) on two different occasions the matter was taken care of. Now, if it weren't taken care of all I would have done were to simply of contacted animal control and informed them of the situation. If nothing was still not done I would have taken the dog my self to the pound as a nuisance dog causing problems for me and my family. Even after reading most of the recent posts I still believe that the officer was wrong on what he did there are so many other alternatives than deadly force. Even a pellet gun or a paint ball gun would deter most animals. Case in point another neighbor has had there hogs gotten out of there pin and they can be very dangerous but all it took to get them away from my family was calling my neighbor (and shooting them with a paint ball a couple of times) to get them moving away from my home and back toward there home. If fact after shooting them (actually only shot one of them twice) both of them ran back toward there home. All I am saying is it does not take deadly force to exert your will on someone or something. My case in point the police do it all the time with people by either taking them down with pepper spray or (bean bag or rubber bullets) that would not kill but very much deter someone. Now if had been a bear that had been roaming the town and was threatening people even then I do not think kill it would have been the best alterative unless there was no other way, you can see it all the time with all those animals gone wild videos where you see a black bear get shot with a tranquilizer dart. I mean, Come on even the postman caries pepper spray to deter dogs that want to eat him/her for lunch everyday. All it takes is spraying toward the dog and getting a leash around the dog and then you are in control of the situation.


To your previous comments about being lazy to let someone break-in my home and attack me. If I were threated by the person that breaks in and I fear for my life then and only then is deadly force allowed. If I am not mistaken, if someone breaks into you home and has no weapons to kill you and you in turn kill the person that invades your home, I believe you can be charged with murder if you kill the invader. And to tell you the truth I would hate it for the person that did invaded my home, they would not be killed but they would never want to invade another home again. So I tell you this just cause I care about animals I still do not believe it deadly force unless there were no alternatives what so ever. And another thing I am soooooooo glad not to be living in Mount Olive city limits. Because my dogs bark all the time especially the Lab I own she barks at all the stray cats and other animals that run around our area.

Oh and that presents another problem if people would take care of their animals by keeping them fenced in and non animal lovers act sensible by contacting or try and resolve problems without the need of contacting the police or sheriffs office then we would not have any problems nor of even had this discussion. Because the problems would have been prevented by the animal owner fixing their animals escaping and the neighbors communicating what there problems are.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby ANIMAL VET AST on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:26 pm

What the hick is going on, I don't understand why a Goldsboro Policeman can shoot a vicious dog this past weekend. And no one is up in arms about it. It hasn't been in the newspaper or on TV. What kind of mess is this. What I want to know is why one Policeman gets the shaft and one don't. Is it because one is in MT. Olive and the other is in Goldsboro. People it's the same county !! Maybe Goldsboro needs some training too.
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Re: Mount Olive police shoot 'vicious' dog - Your opinion?

Postby Donna on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:55 pm

Maybe everyone decided like I did. It wouldn't do any good anyway. I know about it and it pisses me off, but I figure it won't do any good to say anything, since it didn't do any good to say anything about the other one. Oh, sure, we all expressed out opinion, but in the end, Durham lost out, so I figure it will be the same with this one. The only thing I see that Mt. Olive did was appoint a Big Shot committe, what does a re-tired college professor know about it? They appoint some of the IN CROWD, so to speak. Look who they appointed. The whole darn thing makes me madder than hell!
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Scared of the MO Police, but Optimistic

Postby jwlaw on Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:40 pm

Schroeder is an amazing man. It must be nice to live beyond reproach, never making mistakes like the rest of us. The more I hear from him about how no mistakes were made, the more I think he should be replaced. I'm very afraid of self-declared infallible people with firearms.

On a positive note, I have a lot of faith in the committee. Kudos to MO for the appointments. I think Durham's parents and Dr. Sasser are indispensable to this process. I plan to attend the next meeting to hear this committee's suggestions for the community. As long as the committee has some teeth and isn't heartlessly put down before it's time, its work could be the silver lining on this tragedy.

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