Building a mosque a couple blocks away from the 9/11 site

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Re: Building a mosque a couple blocks away from the 9/11 sit

Postby HeavenScent on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:20 am

When one OWNS a NATION'S movement you OWN something. ;)

MOVEMENT declares many things: It declares:

Whether you work or not
Whether you eat or not
Whether you take a bath or not
Whether you attend College or not
Whether you take vacation or not
Whether you get to the Hospital or not
Whether you shop or not
Whether you sleep or not
Whether you fish or not
Whether you plant or not
Whether you wash clothes or not
Whether you brush your teeth or not
Whether you stink or smell good or not
Whether you go to church or not
Whether your pets live or die or not
Whether your parents live or die
Whether your babies live or die
Whether you have water to drink or not

So how STUPID is a NATION who worries about Peanut Butter and who builds a Mosque? Does this make Sense to you? Of course not!

GAS and OIL should be that NATIONS number one worry! Unless of course if that NATION had SOLD it's people out for the almighty DOLLAR, which I believe the BUSHES did a long time ago. Now, we're mere subjects. SUBJECT to those ONES who have the POWER to control us DAY and NIGHT, NIGHT and DAY. They KNOW they control us and so they PLAY their game with us ANYTIME they want to, for we worry about GAS prices more than anything else in our daily lives. It's up today! Down tomorrow! It never ends. Like a Yoyo! And like a Yoyo, we have NO CHOICE in the MATTER. How did we get here? Better still, who SOLD us OUT? :evil:

Oh please, let's not PRETEND we don't know what happened. Give us a break okay. we were FULLY aware of what we were doing, who we VOTED in. They LIED to us and we bought it, hook, line and sinker. So whose to blame? WE ARE. We bought it. A no good GOVERNMENT. People who were supposed to be WORKING for US! So don't try and cry FOWL. We voted them IN. We gave them our TRUST, our VOICE, our FAITH.

Obama and Bush are ONE and the SAME. I told you this before. They like one another VERY much don't cha know! :D They're buddies truth be told once again here. But Bush SOLD the country out for OIL! Oh well, Obama has done the same thing so what else is NEW? Remember the most RECENT oil spill? All about MONEY and OIL. Let me hear you say "SOLD OUT"! 8-)

Now you know SOME people will DO ANYTHING for money, wealth and power. Such is the case with Obama. He's just a PIMP like ALL the others before him AFTER the KENNEDYS. We have not had a REAL President since JOHN F. KENNEDY. All the other were BOUGHT and SOLD. I reckon we thought OBAMA would be different. Let's just get it over with and ADMIT that we were DEAD WRONG. We got HAD again. :oops:

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