Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

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Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby News-Argus on Thu Sep 02, 2010 8:35 am

Do you think the Wayne County School District should ban peanut butter?

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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby Lucy on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:16 pm

My son last year was not allowed to bring peanut products to his middle school. Initially I was put off by it. I felt it was government reaching too far in regulating our freedoms again. And besides, my son loves peanut butter. It's one healthy food I could count on him to eat. It was inexpensive and I didn't have to worry about spoilage the way I did if he took a sandwich with mayo on a hot day. However since then, I have read of how dangerous peanuts are to children with such allergies and now have no problem with avoiding peanuts if that's what it takes to keep someone else's child safe. My son can eat all the peanut products he cares to at home and is making a small sacrifice to ensure the safety of another.
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby jt1111 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:07 pm

My daughter is deathly allergic to peanut butter. She can just barely touch it or get around it and it will cause her to get sick, so yes I do think that peanut butter should be banned from school. Peanut butter spreads and is sticky so even if one child is eating it it could very well get on another child and they could have a reaction.
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby marryanne on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:45 pm

Already that ball is rolling with the new school district.
Do you think the Wayne County School District should ban peanut butter?
Yes, if there is a risk to even one student then it should go.

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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby ScottNewby on Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:58 pm

Absolutely not! To attempt to ban a food item because one or two or three children within a school have an allergy, no matter how severe, is overkill to say the least. There should be a school plan for that child developed with the school nursing staff and administration, similar to the IEP. To punish the rest of the class or school for a few may be the new socially acceptable experiment in schools, but it is absurd. I will continue to send my child to school with peanut butter products with instructions on not sharing and proper sanitation after eating.
I have a question for those who's children have "deathly" reactions to peanut butter products and even fumes: do you let your child go to the mall, to the fair, to a restaurant, to a park or to any public place? Can they not come into contact with peanut butter products? Do you not have a plan for dealing with that? Why should the majority of students be punished for the problems of the extreme minority?
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby mom of one on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:37 pm

Being the mother of a child who is deathly allergic I think unless you have sat in an ER with your child whose face is severly swollen and they are having trouble breathing due to coming into contact with peanut butter and all your worst fears are foremost in your mind you can't even begin to understand the seriousness of this. My child loves cheese but if there was a child in her school deathly allergic I would gladly vote to ban it so that mother may never have to sit in the ER having her heart feel like its being ripped from her chest. To you that may sound dramatic but try having a child with these allergies. Yes we take our children to public places as we teach them to try to be aware of their allergy but in school other parents don't teach their children to beaware of others allergies so children play around or may not be as careful, I have actually had teachers and daycare providers put peanut butter items on my childs plate and tell her to just not eat it, they don't realize just being close to it can trigger a reaction. My child is in her last year of high school now as is very aware of her allergy and how to avoid contact but it wasnt so easy when she was 6 or 7. When you go to a restaurant you learn to ask questions before you eat there. My child has never been inside Logans as just the dust from the peanuts causes a reaction with her. Imagine what flying is like, we have to alcohol wipe tray trables,arm rests etc, luckily most airlines no longer serve peanuts but it is still a bit scary everytime we fly because others can bring nuts on board which usually doesnt bother her unless they are sitting right next to her(due to the pressurized cabin). So if it is banned from schools then most children will be inconveinenced for a couple hours, they can eat it at home, but it just may save a life and in the scheme of things I would hope most would pick the latter as the best choice.
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby ben6418 on Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:38 am

Peanut butter sandwiches may be a staple for school lunches but that's no longer the case at two Wayne County public schools. Northeast Elementary and Norwayne Middle Schools have banned peanut butter sandwiches for health reasons.
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby Bahnyen on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:18 am

School can ban anything but need to have meeting with all parents before use the rules. As for peanut butter which is popular food for children should have compromise way like if parent want their kids to bring this food should inform teacher and cannot shared to their friends.
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Re: Wayne County School District banning peanut butter

Postby HeavenScent on Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:13 am

It's been awhile since I was here but this TOPIC is an eye opener! Are you people serious! :? What has Peanut Butter have to do with anything? :oops: This is CRAZY. Of all the PROBLEMS in this county you're telling me that PEANUT BUTTER is a major TOPIC for the citizens of Goldsboro. What the hell is this country coming to? :x

Talk to me about Peanut Butter when you get the crime rate down, teen pregnancy down, drugs down, homelessness down, murder rate down, unemployment down, racial discrimination down, gender discrimination down. Goldsboro, please get it together. :shock: Start hiring more serious Black teens and White teens who are at this time desperately seeking employment in this town. How come the business leaders in this town don't know HOW TO RECOGNIZE their FUTURE LEADERS. I know what i'm talking about because the parent of 2 very successful young adults who have tried for YEARS in this town like others before them without success to find simple summer employment only to be turned down year after year and their friends experienced the same things. What is going on in this town? :roll: :( I understand now why the YOUTH here in GOLDSBORO get their degrees and leave the town, giving NOTHING back. They don't get a chance to GIVE anything BACK. What would YOU do :?: Okay, talk to them about PEANUT BUTTER! :mrgreen:

Goldsboro oh Goldsboro :( what's it gonna take for you to come back to the FUTURE? Your Children ARE the FUTURE. Do you not CARE about the future? Wake Up. HEAL your TOWN. Give back! Help the homeless, the drug addicts, the criminals, the unemployed, teen pregnancy, stop your racism. GIVE something BACK for a change. STOP your HOARDING Goldsboro :cry: . Learn to GIVE in order to GET. Give in order to Receive. Do something GOOD for a CHANGE. Try it! You just might like it! :D I truly dare you to try it. Right now you're still a bunch of HOARDERS. What are you hoarding for is the question. If you care nothing for your FUTURES you're wasting your time. Your CHILDREN are your FUTURES. Get the picture?

Stand back and take a real good look at Goldsboro and you'll see! There IS no FUTURE :( . What the hell happened?

The CRIMINALS have taken the TOWN of GOLDSBORO it seems. This is my home. I know what i'm looking at. I'm not a STRANGER here and PEANUT BUTTER ain't gone change a thing, besides, it's one of the MOST blessed foods one could intake and quite angelic, nutritional, economical and earthly so what's up with the BAN? Citizens of Goldsboro, i implore you! Please come back down to EARTH. You've got to be able to WALK before you can FLY. Stop being afraid to GIVE to your TOWN. Go out and HELP someone. Stop being HOARDERS.

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