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Sunday, October 4, 2015


All persons, firms, and corporations having claims against Mattie Marie Stitt, deceased, of Wayne County, are notified to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 27th day of December, 2015, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to the estate will please make immediate payment to the undersigned.
This 27th day of September, 2015.
Ella H. Lane
Executor of the
Estate of Mattie Marie Stitt
c/o Mark J. Hale, Jr.
Baddour, Parker, H
ine & Hale, P.C.
Attorneys for Estate
P.O. Box 916
Goldsboro, NC 27533-0916
(919) 735-7275

Legal #673
September 27, 2015
October 4, 11, 18, 2015

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Required by 39 U.S.C 3685
1. Publication Title:
Goldsboro News-Argus.
2. Publication No. 221-420
3. Filing Date:
October 4, 2015
4. Issue Frequency:
Afternoon Daily except
Saturday; Sunday morning.
5. No. of Issues Published
annually: 312
6. Annual Subscription Price:
7. Complete mailing address
of known office
of publication:
310 North Berkeley
Boulevard, Goldsboro,
Wayne County,
North Carolina 27534
8. Complete mailing address
of headquarters or general
business office of
310 North Berkeley Blvd,
Goldsboro, NC 27534.
9. Full names and complete
mailing address of
publisher, editor, and
managing editor:
Publisher: Hal Tanner, III
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro, N.C. 27532
Editor: Renee Carey
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro, N.C. 27532
Managing Editor:
Dennis Hill,
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro, N.C. 27532
10. Owner: Wayne Printing
Company, Inc.
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro, N.C. 27532
Buchheit News
Management Inc.
PO Box 5211
Spartanburg,S.C. 29304
Emily Tanner Moore
1518 Twiford Place
Charlotte,N.C. 28207
Hal Tanner, Jr.
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro,N.C. 27532
Linda C. Tanner
PO Box 10629
Goldsboro, N.C. 27532
11. Known bondholders,
mortgagees,and other
security holders owning
or holding 1 percent
more of total amount of
bonds,mortgages, or
other securities: None
13. Publication Title:
Goldsboro News-Argus.
14. Issue Date for Circulation
Data Below:
September 30, 2015
15.Extent and nature of
Average No.
No. Copies
Copies of
Each Single
Issue Issue
During Published
Preceding Nearest
12 To Filing
Months Date
a. Total No. of Copies
16,487 16,592
b. Paid
1. Mailed Outside-
County Paid
Subscriptions Stated
on PS Form 3541
66 75
2. Mailed In-County
Paid Subscriptions
Stated on
PS Form 3541
4 2
3. Paid Distribution
Outside the Mails
Including Sales
Through Dealers and
Carriers, Street
Vendors, Counter
Sales, and Other Paid
Distribution Outside
12,817 12,859
4. Paid Distribution
by Other Classes of
Mail Through
the USPS 0 0
c. Total Paid Distribution
12,887 12,936
d. Free or Nominal Rate
1. Free or Nominal Rate
Copies included on
PS Form 3541
6 7
2. Free or Nominal Rate
In-County Copies
included on
PS Form 3541
2 2
3. Free or Nominal Rate
Copies Mailed at
Other Classes Through
the USPS
0 0
4. Free or Nominal Rate
Distribution Outside
The Mail
142 104
e. Total Free or Nominal Rate
150 113
f. Total Distribution
13,037 13,049
g. Copies not distributed
3,450 3,543
h. Total 16,487 16,592
i. Percent Paid
98.8% 99.1%
16. Total circulation includes
electronic copies. Report
circulation on PS Form
3526-X worksheet.
a. Paid Electronic Copies
373 354
b. Total Paid Print Copies
(Line 15C) + Paid
Electronic Copies
13,260 13,290
c. Total Print Distribution
(Line 15F) + Paid
Electronic Copies
13,037 13,403
d. Percent Paid (Both
Print & Electronic
98.3% 99.2%
I certify that 50% of all my distributed copies (Electronic & Print) are paid above a nominal price.
17. Publication of Statement
of Ownership will be
printed in the October 4,
2015 issue of this
18. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) and/or civil sanctions (including civil penalties).
Hal Tanner, Jr.
OCTOBER 1, 2015

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