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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It computes: Middle school's technology derived without tax dollars

People often write in or comment on our social media platforms after we have reported, well, just about anything having to do with education in Wayne County.

Among the most frequent comments are those that ask the question, "Where is all that education lottery money going?"

Well, we found some. Rather, the N.C. Education Lottery did. It, along with a company called International Game Technology via its After School Advantage program, came up with enough cash to provide 75 Chromebooks -- a $19,000 investment -- to be used by all grade levels at Rosewood Middle School.

The company reached out to Rep. John Bell, House majority leader, who promptly connected with Wayne County Public Schools to determine if there was a school in the east that could benefit from the donation.

So there it is. Our public officials working hand-in-hand with school system, the education lottery and a philanthropic program to fund an education need in our own backyard.

And sure, critics will say there is much left to be done regarding class sizes, funding textbooks for our students, teacher pay and supplements, etc., and we agree -- there is.

But providing students access to technology such as this, funded through donations and lottery money rather than state or county tax dollars, is worth a tip of the cap, don't you think?

Published in Editorials on October 18, 2017 11:57 PM