02/27/04 — Focus: Compilation of events fosters pride in Wayne

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Focus: Compilation of events fosters pride in Wayne

This is a wonderful place in many ways. You can’t read through today’s paper and reflect on the year just past without knowing that. We’re lucky to be here.

Look at our economic situation, for instance.

We have almost full employment, and jobs are here for anyone who really wants to work. Check the want ads and the help-wanted signs.

Remarkably, 2003 was the 10th consecutive year in which Wayne County had a net gain in jobs. That is, more new jobs became available than were lost. There have been few closings, and industries are expanding.

New businesses are being built, too, notably supermarkets, discount retailers and others.

Wayne people continued last year their tradition of sharing with others who need help. They gave the United Way more than $1.3 million for its agencies, which will use that money for programs that will touch the lives of more than 26,000 people.

The Relay for Life, which raises money for cancer research and treatment, was given another $400,000. About 8,000 people attended the Relay for Life event which, in a county with 115,000 people, is a mighty good proportion.

Today’s annual Focus Edition of the News-Argus is a compilation of things that happened in Wayne County during the year that helped to make it a better place to live. These stories have headlines like these:

“Hospital construction continues into 2004”

“36,488 hours: Volunteers donate their time to the community through Volunteer Wayne”

“Seymour Johnson plays key role in Iraqi Freedom”

“Arts Council pays off loan on its new building”

“Mount Olive is poised for growth in 2004”

“Wayne County ranks as state agricultural powerhouse”

“New construction in city, county totals $100 million”

It’s pretty impressive stuff. There is so much of it that you won’t be able to digest it all in one sitting. Put your Focus edition in a handy place and read it little by little. You’ll be right proud of Wayne County.

Published in Editorials on February 27, 2004 1:02 PM