02/29/04 — Loser: Bush doesn’t have a chance

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Loser: Bush doesn’t have a chance

George Bush doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades, to coin a phrase.

Listening to the remaining candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, we learn that in only three years, George Bush not only created the “Axis of Evil,” he epitomizes it.

Look at the “facts:”

He stole the 2000 election from Al Gore.

If he didn’t himself plan the 9-11 attack on the American Trade Center for political purposes, he was a knowing accessory.

With marvelous ineptness, he presided over the demise of a thriving national economy.

While he didn’t dodge the draft during the Vietnam war, he most assuredly was “absent without leave” from his National Guard service as an Air Defense aviator.

But then came a far more serious revelation:

While two of our senators were on the campaign trail — absent from their duties in Washington — they made a shocking discovery. At a time of national crisis and international peril, the president of the United States was spending a Saturday aftrnoon goofing off and “photo-oping” at a NASCAR race track!

There was no doubt about it. The networks clearly showed President George Bush, wearing a NASCAR jacket, standing out there on the race track like an ordinary redneck!

The very next day, Bush found himself again under fire from his Democratic opponents from another flank. This time they were accusing him of leaving before the race was over!

Published in Editorials on February 29, 2004 9:58 AM