05/19/04 — Relay for Life: Momentum gains for a cancer cure

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Relay for Life: Momentum gains for a cancer cure

Those who took part in this year’s Relay for Life can be immensely proud. And it encompasses a huge crowd — the leaders, the teams, the cancer survivors and their families, churches, schools, youth groups, businesses and people from all walks of life throughout the county.

Together they raised over half a million dollars for cancer research and services to those suffering from the disease.

That astounding amount was almost $100,000 more than the year before!

It represents a spirit and a determination of this community to be relentless in its campaign to help cancer sufferers and survivors and to mount an ever intensifying effort to fire an ultimate cure for this terrible and frightening disease.

And while many among us suffer from cancer, people and medical science daily are winning battles in our war against the disease.

The research is not confined to far away universities and hospitals. Listen to the words of Dr. Ernest Marshall of our own Southeastern Medical Oncology Center: “In our office are people participating in clinical trials to develop something to treat cancer. What we do in clinical trials here in the little town of Goldsboro will echo into eternity ...”

If the efforts, financial and spiritual support shown in our community are indicative of what is happening around the nation, everyone can take heart.

As difficult and often frustrating as the fight against cancer has been, everything points to steady and accelerated progress and ultimate success in reaching the ultimate goal — a cure!

Dr. Marshall recalled at the relay that he had heard a comment that there seemed to be more rather than less cancer today. The explanation, he pointed out, is that more people today are surviving. Among them at the relay was 64-year-old Helen Bennett. She first contracted cancer 41 years ago.

But one young mother who is a cancer survivor noted that remission, as welcome and gratifying as it is, is not enough: “We need a cure.”

And that’s what will come with the determination, financial and personal support and the momentum witnessed here in the Relay for Life. As individuals and as a community we can take great pride and comfort in our efforts and accomplishments.

Published in Editorials on May 19, 2004 10:59 AM