07/19/04 — Kudos for council: Manager tightens up on the boorish few

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Kudos for council: Manager tightens up on the boorish few

Let’s give praise to the Goldsboro City Council for bearing down on people who give the city a trashy look.

City Manager Richard Slozak is removing practically all of the bureaucracy between himself and the two officers whose job is to cite violators of the city’s ordinances on trash and junk.

In recent weeks, the city has brought charges against several people, including a former council member, who had been warned to tidy up areas that appeared to be in violation. They had failed to heed the warnings — and, incidentally, some are still ignoring them. Let the prosecution take its course.

Some of the violations are directly in the view of people passing by Goldsboro or visiting the downtown area, and they are an embarrassment.

Goldsboro is a great place to live. But our spirits are not uplifted by being always surrounded by the roadside trash, yard garbage and junked cars of a few people who are boorish and inconsiderate.

Under the new setup at City Hall, Slozak’s office will have direct supervision of the code enforcement officers. They are being assigned to Tasha Logan, Slozak’s assistant.

Members of the council have emphasized the importance of cleaning up the city. The new structure is an indication of the importance that Slozak is placing on the effort.

Slozak has been successful in many difficult endeavors for the city over the years, and he undoubtedly will accomplish his goal in this one, too.

Published in Editorials on July 19, 2004 12:46 PM