10/27/04 — Endorsements: N.C. House of Representatives

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Endorsements: N.C. House of Representatives

It speaks well of some of our area legislators that they are unopposed in efforts to return to the General Assembly.

These include Republican Louis Pate from Mount Olive and Democrat Larry Bell of Clinton. Their performances as legislators obviously have met with the approval of their constituencies.

And this newspaper has found nothing in their service to criticize. They have been available and responsive to their constituents’ concerns.

The same applies to Republican Sen. Fred Smith of Clayton whose district includes part of Wayne County.

Veteran Sen. Charlie Albertson of Beaulaville finds himself in a completely revamped district and faces opposition from Republican Rich Jarman. Albertson, completing his eighth term, has been a stalwart member of the General Assembly and one whose popularity and respect extend far beyond his home district. He heads the committee on agriculture and is vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, serving also on Finance, Judiciary, Pensions, Rules and Ways and Means.

He deserves re-election.

Republican Stephen LaRoque of Kinston is opposed by Lew Llewellyn for the 10th District House seat. LaRoque appears to have acquitted himself well during his freshman term in the General Assembly.

Published in Editorials on October 27, 2004 11:25 AM