03/08/05 — Same mold: Tough-talking Bush picks tough-talking ambassador

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Same mold: Tough-talking Bush picks tough-talking ambassador

It figures that President Bush and Secretary of State Rice would pick someone like John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations. He is a blunt, tireless fighter for the American cause.

Bolton, as undersecretary of state, has been highly critical of European countries for their plan to lift a 15-year embargo and sell weapons to China. He has been tough on North Korea, and he criticized China before an international audience in Tokyo for selling missile technology to Iran and other countries of which the United States is wary.

His appointment is consistent with the single-minded determination that has won the Bush administration many advances in foreign affairs.

Bush’s detractors, here at home and overseas, criticize him for his reluctance to compromise, for what they see as his macho-Texan style, his tough talk. These characteristics, however, have shown that under George W. Bush, the United States will do in the world what it sets out to do.

As a result, we have seen a kinder, gentler government replace the terror-mongering Taliban in Afghanistan. Elected officials are setting up a constitution in Iraq. Col. Kadafhi of Libya, once a sponsor of terrorism, has caved in to U.S. wishes. The Palestinians have elected a moderate to succeed Yasser Arafat. The Syrians are negotiating a plan to leave Lebanon. And so on.

A tough policy has brought the world nearer to peace.

Bolton fits the State Department’s mold, and his type is precisely what is needed in the United Nations at this moment, when our relations with the world body are shaky. He will be a tough debater, and the world will never wonder where he stands. His views will not be hidden in diplomatic jargon.

Published in Editorials on March 8, 2005 9:06 AM