04/24/05 — Anne Jeffreys, Johnny Grant exemplify true star quality

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Anne Jeffreys, Johnny Grant exemplify true star quality

It is funny what passes for celebrity these days.

A flash on MTV, one role on a television show, makes some people brilliant stars of the moment.

And, another moment later, they are forgotten again.

These people are famous, but they do not have careers.

This weekend, as part of its Gala Celebration, Wayne Community College is honoring a real star, with the help of a man whose contributions have impacted lives in Hollywood through generations of ingenues and new leading men.
Anne Jeffreys is a star of the old school, the kind of actress whose slate of accomplishments includes many roles, many achievements and many flashbacks into the Hollywood of old when talent mattered a whole lot more than a flashy headshot and the right connections.

Ms. Jeffreys was honored with a star on the Wayne County Community College Honorary Walkway this weekend because she has built a career. A veteran actress of the stage and screen, she has taken chances, and etched memories with her performances.

This community is proud to claim her.

The man presenting her with the honor is Johnny Grant. His name is not one you might know from film, although he did have a role in a famous Hollywood classic, “White Christmas.”

Mr. Grant is a man whose life has been spent in Hollywood. He works hard to preserve its character and its landmarks, and he has taken care of many of its people for decades. He is so well-thought-of that he is called the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood.

He is also one of the people who takes care of one of the most famous walkways in the world: the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Both these people are not the flash of the moment, nor would they want to be.
They are people who can claim careers and achievements in an industry that makes you work pretty hard for either.

Our stars might not glitter like the flash of the moment, but when you look beneath the surface, you will find they are solid gold.
Goldsboro should be proud of both.

Published in Editorials on April 24, 2005 12:20 AM