05/16/05 — Believe in life: At cancer-fighting rally, Wayne County shows it cares

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Believe in life: At cancer-fighting rally, Wayne County shows it cares

Jack and Sandra Castle know what it is like to live with cancer. There are ups and downs, good news and bad and a whole bunch of times when you just have to believe.

And they are not alone.

At this past weekend’s Relay for Life there were hundreds of people who know exactly what the Castles are facing. They are either cancer survivors or family members of people who have lost their battles with the disease.

They know just how precious time is, and what really matters.

The $560,000 and possibly more raised at this year’s Relay is something to be proud of, and this community can take credit for what can only be described as a tremendous statement that Wayne County cares.

But as we celebrate this victory, we need to remember there are people behind the numbers and the purple ribbons. There are families all over this county and region who face the harsh realities of dealing with the disease every day. They do not get a break from the challenges that go along with the chemotherapy, the recurrences, the bills, the time lost with those you love.

We should celebrate this weekend’s success and offer a tremendous thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who braved a little less than perfect weather to man the booths, place the luminaria, plan the festivities and support the cause.

They, and the thousands of families who came out to support the effort, dealt a major blow to cancer. Who knows, the money raised just might be the extra push that gives the researchers the break they need to find a cure. You never know.

And as we wait for next year, perhaps we can also reach out to those we might know who fight the battle against cancer 365 days a year. There is much we can do for them, too. The support, the extra hand with the chores around the house or yard, or simply picking up a phone and saying “I care,” are just as valuable as the money we raise each year.

So, congratulations Wayne County and the Relay for Life organizers and volunteers. You really did something special.

Published in Editorials on May 16, 2005 10:56 AM