08/17/05 — Beyond turfs: Commissioners, school board show they can work together

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Beyond turfs: Commissioners, school board show they can work together

After weeks of comparing notes and needs, the Wayne County Board of Education and the Wayne County Commissioners have finally inked out a budget plan for the 2005-06 fiscal year.

And although there has been much too much bickering over the numbers, the compromise that was reached this week is a move that shows that perhaps these officials have charted a new course.

For years, the rumor has been in this county that there was a great divide between the county commission and the school board, and that they could not agree on anything, let alone reach a mutually agreed-upon solution.

So, the prediction was that it would be many, many more weeks of mediation sessions before a budget could be finalized.

This week’s decision proves otherwise.

By sitting down together to find a solution — and $800,000 more dollars — the county and school staffs put aside the natural tendancies to guard their own turfs and went about the business of getting the job done.

They looked hard at the budgets and the money available.

And now they have a better understanding of what they both need and what those resources will support, and we have a county budget.

There is still more to discuss, but this is a firm step forward, and the right move.

Both boards should be commended for getting the job done — together.

Published in Editorials on August 17, 2005 11:04 AM