09/24/05 — Neighborhood meetings bring ideas to the fore

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Neighborhood meetings bring ideas to the fore

They came. They listened. And they contributed.

The residents who took the time to attend the first of the city’s neighborhood meetings earlier this month probably weren’t as talkative as groups that will come later. There is always a little bit of uneasiness when you are the first.
But they did come out, meet their city officials and start the kind of discussion that solves problems.

Most of us have a tendency to sit back and complain about what we think is wrong with our neighborhoods and our city.

We talk to each other over lunch or around the dinner table. We give not only our opinions of what is wrong, but also how we would solve the problems, if we were in charge.

And every once in a while, we even come up with a good idea or two. The problem is, however, that the neighbors, family, friends and co-workers we are talking to can do nothing to solve the issues that are bothering us.

That is why the city’s series of meetings throughout various neighborhoods around Goldsboro is so important.

This is your chance to come forward, to state your case and to start the ball rolling toward a solution.

These are the people who can tell you if the job can be done or why it can’t, and who need to be reminded if there is a certain task that has been neglected in the past.

Mayor Al King and City Manager Joe Huffman as well as the members of Goldsboro City Council have said they want to know what you think and what your priorities are for your city. These meetings are your chance not only to meet the men who represent you, but to tell them what you really think.

There are no firm dates yet for the next meeting, although the city says they are a priority. City officials say they will visit every neighborhood eventually.

So, start preparing your list.

Published in Editorials on September 24, 2005 10:43 PM