10/10/05 — A prize-winner: Fair organizers should be proud of this year’s event

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A prize-winner: Fair organizers should be proud of this year’s event

When there is a bad end to a good week, there is a tendency to forget all the positive news that has already been entered into the record books.

The hundreds of volunteers, fair staff and committee members who worked so hard to put on the 2005 Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair should look back on the last two weeks with a whole lot of pride — and only a little regret that nature did not cooperate.

Despite the inclement weather, fair organizers managed to offer fairgoers not only a glimpse into the lives of the farmers who helped build this county, but a much better appreciation of the agribusiness that continues to help drive the local economy.

There were also plenty of other reasons to be proud inside the exhibit barns, where local residents of all ages showed off their talents in everything from needlework to pie baking.

Anyone who took the time to visit got a good show, and there were few problems to mar the experience for families.

All in all, the 12 months of work that went into this year’s fair were well-represented on the midway and in the arenas, especially judging from the quality livestock projects presented by local 4-H members.

And now, after all that work and all the cleanup to come this week, fair organizers will sit back again and look over how they can improve and expand the event for next year.

And as they do, they should pat themselves on the back and say “job well-done.”

Published in Editorials on October 10, 2005 10:59 AM