10/15/05 — People of Wayne County help Katrina victims begin again

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People of Wayne County help Katrina victims begin again

More than $122,000 to the Red Cross alone for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Hundreds of units of blood packed and ready to assist those who lives were threatened by injuries caused during the storm or its aftermath.

And that is not to mention the thousands of pounds of supplies that have been sent to the Gulf Coast to assist families who were left with nothing after the devastating storm.

Wayne County residents did more than simply help those hit hardest by the hurricane — they did their fair share.

Big and small, touching and surprising, there have been many, many stories told of the young and old alike who wanted to make sure someone in New Orleans or Mississippi knew he or she had friends in North Carolina.

Many people who donated their money, time and blood to the fundraising and rescue and recovery efforts said they were doing so to pay back those who were there for them when Hurricane Floyd sent shockwaves through eastern North Carolina.

And that alone is a reason for Wayne County to be proud. A community of people who still remember and honor those who came to their aid, and insist upon reciprocating, is a county that will always appreciate the meaning of service and caring.

Some of the most touching stories were those of the young people of Wayne County who emptied their piggy banks to make sure there was plenty of clothing, food and assistance for families who needed help. Their donations might not have been in the thousands, but their small contributions came from the heart — and therefore were worth more than the biggest check from the largest corporation.

And then there were those who put on their camping gear, got into their cars or trucks, and headed down to the disaster areas. They put their own health at risk to make sure there were plenty of professionals available to assist with the recovery efforts. They were there for the families, even though it meant they had to be away from their own.

Looking back over the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, there are literally hundreds of people across Wayne County who rolled up their sleeves to help others. It is through their selflessness that many New Orleans and Mississippi families are getting a chance to start over.

They should be proud of the impact they have made and the example they have set for other communities, and their own.

Published in Editorials on October 15, 2005 11:44 PM