11/07/05 — Opportunity: For kids wanting to go fishing! It’s a great idea!

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Opportunity: For kids wanting to go fishing! It’s a great idea!

Someone has suggested including a pond in plans for the future of Stoney Creek Park.

Over the years, the park has not been among the most popular of the city’s attractions. One reason, perhaps, has been its flood prone propensity. It has been a good place to have a take-out lunch with a friend — if the latest high water hasn’t taken out the picnic table.

And a good place to bird-watch. (Or even learn how to slap mosquitoes during warm, wet seasons.)

But a pond conjures up heartening opportunities.

All about us are youngsters who would love to catch a fish. But where? There are a number of private ponds and lakes in our area. But they are “private.” Where is there a public pond where a youngster can go with his or her dad and “wet a hook”?

The fact that Stoney Creek has a tendency to flood would offer no problem. The creek over the years has been known to have some fine river robin and flier perch. And bream and catfish.

Flooding could deliver such fish to Stoney Creek’s pond on occasion.

And the Wildlife Resources Commission — on which Wayne County has two members — could help in advice and perhaps stocking.

It also could provide programs to help youngsters learn how to fish. Some such programs even have “loaner” tackle for the kids to use, along with safety instructions.

Hopefully the Stoney Creek Park Development Committee will crank into its plans the vision of some youngster asking his or her dad or mom: “Could you take me fishing?”

And the answer will be: “Sure! Right down the street — to Stoney Creek Pond!”

Some sage suggested, “Take a kid fishing, and you’ll never have to take him to court.”

Published in Editorials on November 7, 2005 9:20 AM