12/02/05 — Christmas? Let non-believers ignore it, but —

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Christmas? Let non-believers ignore it, but —

Congratulations to first lady Laura Bush. In recent days she conducted a tour of the White House for network television crews.

Throughout her comments on the origins andsignificance of various decorations she repeatedly used the word “Christmas.” That included references to the Christmas tree and its adornments. And some among us must have noticed earlierthe arrival of the giant fir from North Carolina which will be the official national symbol of the season. The trailer bearing it mentioned “Christmas Tree.”

This discussion is stimulated by the apparent repugnance of some “politically correct” extremists to recognize any religious significance to this season of the year.

There is an insistence, apparently, to refer to it as the “holiday” season. Many of our cards will wish us “Happy Holidays.” Fewer and fewer will have artist renditions of a bright star over Bethlehem. Or a child in a manger. Or wise men and their camels.

All thoughts from friends are appreciated, of course.

But whether we or our friends and fellow citizens are Christians or not, there is no reason to put on blinders or eyeglass screeners to guarantee a “politically correct” perception of the season.

Let’s face it.

Were it not for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, there would be no “holiday” season.

Non-believers don’t have to put up trees, exchange gifts — or accept bonuses or days off.

But they should not be critical of or try to mount a national denunciation of the expressions of those who embrace “the reason for the season.”

Thank you, Laura Bush, for unhesitatingly expressing your family’s heartfelt appreciation of Christmas.

Published in Editorials on December 2, 2005 9:53 AM