12/13/05 — Replenishment: Don’t let blood supply ebb during holidays

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Replenishment: Don’t let blood supply ebb during holidays

For the next couple of weeks, the American Red Cross is going to be asking Wayne County residents to have a little fun and possibly save a life at the same time.

The Red Cross is beginning a couple of its annual blood collection events — the Bank Blood Challenge and the 12 Days of Giving.

Both events have the same goal — to make sure there is an adequate supply of blood in place as the holiday season gets into full swing. And, they offer all of us a chance to have a little fun while we save lives.

It isn’t easy for the Red Cross to keep blood available and ready for those who need it this time of year.

Busy holiday schedules result in many donors forgetting to take the time to donate. The rush to get Christmas shopping and baking done can sometimes put a strain on time for many families. Taking time out to give blood just doesn’t make many holiday “to-do” lists.

At the same time, increased travel and celebrating also can mean more need for blood at local hospitals due to accidents and other tragedies.

So, more need and less donating mean more trouble maintaining the proper supply levels.

And that is why it is so important to remember to give a little at your Red Cross blood drives this time of year.

A few minutes out of your day might not seem like a great contribution, but that blood you give just might be the difference between life or death for an accident victim or a child who is fighting a deadly disease.

And you never know. The life you save could belong to someone you love.

If you have a rare blood type or the ever-powerful “O”, your help is especially needed. These supplies are particularly tough to maintain.

Make a stop at the blood drive a part of your Christmas plans.

It will be a rather unusual, but particularly appropriate, way to remember the real reason for the season.

Published in Editorials on December 13, 2005 10:55 AM