03/02/06 — We can be heroes: With community’s help Red Cross can stay ready

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We can be heroes: With community’s help Red Cross can stay ready

It doesn’t really take much to be a hero in Wayne County.

The Wayne County chapter of the American Red Cross is asking individuals and groups across the county to dig deep and find $1,000 to assist with funding its programs at home, around the country and abroad.

The Red Cross Heroes Campaign is the organization’s annual fundraiser — and helps pay for some of the local and national services that Red Cross volunteers provide around the country every year.

The much-publicized help for victims of Hurricane Katrina is just one of those areas. There are many, many more — most of which help Wayne County residents.

When there is an accident and a patient needs blood, it comes from the Red Cross. The many blood drives around the county each year provide those supplies.

When there is a fire and a family loses everything, it is the Red Cross that provides vouchers for housing, food and clothing.

And when there is a flood or other natural disaster, Red Cross volunteers are the ones who load up their cars with supplies and hope and head to the affected areas.

And while the Red Cross’ best resource are the volunteers here at home who stand ready to assist wherever they are needed, money is the only way to make sure the hard work gets done.

A $1,000 donation seems like a lot, especially if you are just one person. Red Cross officials understand that and are encouraging groups to get together to raise the money. They also will gratefully accept any donation of any amount from any individual who wants to be part of making a difference.

There are many ingenious ways to raise $1,000 — have a bake or rummage sale, host a celebrity softball game or simply collect a $5 from each of your friends or family members.

The more clever, the more fun raising the money will be.

And in the end, those $1,000 donations could save a life, help a family get back on its feet or otherwise be a port in a storm for a community that has to start over.

Any one of those results is certainly worth $1,000.

Published in Editorials on March 2, 2006 11:19 AM