03/24/06 — Are we used to it? Maybe Americans are a bit hardened to politician ‘errors’

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Are we used to it? Maybe Americans are a bit hardened to politician ‘errors’

Does it seem just a little bit like no one really is getting too bothered by the investigation into House Speaker Jim Black’s campaign contributions?

Well, other than the state Board of Elections and his political opponents that is.

It certainly can’t be that North Carolinians don’t care if their elected representatives bend the rules, or that they don’t want to hear when there is a major investigation involving one of their state’s most powerful leaders.

So, what is it then? Why aren’t more people talking about Jim Black and waxing poetic about how we need to work harder to keep tabs on ethics in this state?

Could it be that North Carolina residents — like many others around the country — are immune to discussions about shaky ethics when it comes to our politicians?

Could it be that we just expect to hear tales of political bargaining, rule breaking and general misbehavior — and that it simply isn’t news anymore that some politicians break the rules?

There will be plenty of talk about Black over the next few months. There might even be some real outrage somewhere.

And while we are looking at that issue, we might want to look at another — what is happening to ethics in this country and what are we going to do about it.

It might be time for all of us to pay a little closer attention rather than simply shaking our heads.

Published in Editorials on March 24, 2006 11:15 AM