05/13/06 — The title role: For multifaceted achievement, acclaim goes to Mom

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The title role: For multifaceted achievement, acclaim goes to Mom

Today is the day that mothers all over America receive their due from grateful children.

As they should.

But as the country celebrates another Mother’s Day, there is a reason to remember that it takes more than simply the birth of a baby to create a mother.

A mother sacrifices for her child — putting his or her needs first — making the tough decisions as well as granting the easy indulgences.

A mother teaches right from wrong, while being an example for how to set standards for yourself, rules to live by.

A mother is there for the seemingly small victories and a support system through the early mistakes that help a child grow into an adult.

Mothers know when to teach lessons and when to salve wounds. They know when to say “I told you so,” and when to challenge a child to try again with a hug and the words, “you did the best you could, and I am proud of you.”

You do not have to be a birth parent to be a mother. There are plenty of people who fall into that role through circumstance who find that love grows not just from the traditional bonds, but from a connection made in the heart.

A mother is a friend, a confidante, a role model, an inspiration, a critic and a cheerleader — all rolled into one.

Mother is a title that is earned. It’s a job for which the rewards can be measured in decades rather than years and in small moments as well as momentous occasions.

There are plenty of successful people who can trace their achievements back to that first bit of encouragement or advice they got from their mothers. They can tell stories about the lessons they have learned and the examples they have followed throughout their lives.

So while today will be about memories, flowers and gifts, Mother’s Day should also be about making sure we say thank you to those who have helped or will help shape past and future generations — and about continuing to value the lessons they have taught us about life, success and priorities.

Expressing our gratitude really is easy. All we have to do is carry on the tradition.

Published in Editorials on May 13, 2006 11:34 PM