06/06/06 — A new start: Habitat’s Blitz Build will give family a chance for new life

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A new start: Habitat’s Blitz Build will give family a chance for new life

There is something about holding the keys to your own house. The sense of ownership — and the ability to say that you have an address, a place to call your own — makes you proud.

This week, Habitat for Humanity volunteers and others are joining forces to make the dream of home ownership come true for a local family.

The organization has been building homes for many years — and, locally, has been very successful in creating new lives for many area families.

Habitat for Humanity is the kind of organization that offers results you can not only see, but feel, as you watch a family open the doors to their new home for the first time.

Often there are tears of joy and pride — feelings we all can understand, and probably felt, too, when we saw our own first homes.

The families contribute to the process, too. You can’t get a Habitat for Humanity house unless you are willing to put in your own sweat equity. So, in addition to giving a family a fresh start, the organization also gives them something they can say they earned.

Many volunteers devote many hours to being part of these projects. And this week they are working double time. Their efforts are a bright spot and an example of what can happen when a community decides to take care of each other. They deserve thanks for the work they do and the lives they will change.

Published in Editorials on June 6, 2006 10:58 AM