07/05/06 — United we grow: Multi-member alliance could be county’s best weapon

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United we grow: Multi-member alliance could be county’s best weapon

It seems like it should have been an easy idea for economic development officials, local leaders and business representatives to wrap their minds around — a united group dedicated to furthering the development of the region.

No more turfs. No more cross-purposes.

And, in the end, one group of people who care about the future of Wayne County and are dedicated to taking the steps necessary to secure that growth.

After all, a group of many talented individuals and organizations all rowing in the same direction — and a one-stop shop for potential industrial and business clients — would seem to be the best plan for a community that really wanted to be seen as a player in the state economic development game.

So, the news that the Wayne Economic Development Alliance is ready to hit the ground running should be a reason to anticipate rather than worry about what’s next for Wayne County.

But even with all the good parts of this new partnership, and the potential for really good news as a result of its efforts, the caution exercised by those who formed the united front is understandable.

Forging a new group required building trust and relationships that transcended individual organization’s and communities’ needs to work for the greater good.

Making sure all the details were ironed out and everyone knew what the membership and support of the group would require — as well as the possible benefits for their communities — were critical first goals.

And even though the Alliance is officially on its way now, that does not mean that the talking should end — or that the support should be assumed.

To be successful, this economic development effort requires cooperation and commitment. If local municipalities start splitting off, there will be no good news for anyone — and a great idea will be wasted.

So, the first job of this new partnership should be to continue the good work it has already done in creating a strong, united voice for this county.

After that, it will be time to set some ambitious goals for Wayne County’s future, and to work together to achieve them.

That would be something to look forward to.

Published in Editorials on July 5, 2006 12:37 PM