07/08/06 — Keeping them safe: Stricter rules for sex offenders will protect children

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Keeping them safe: Stricter rules for sex offenders will protect children

There is a lot of talk these days about keeping children safe — and making sure those who would hurt them are kept at a distance.

So, in many states across the nation, the talk has turned to what to do about convicted sex offenders.

South Carolina is implementing a new system that would track offenders electronically. Other states are requiring stricter rules about registration and check-in procedures.

North Carolina should also take up this task.

Registered sex offenders are often criminals with multiple violations against children or women. Even after serving their sentences, some even end up committing the exact same offenses they were arrested for the first time — and sometimes with even more tragic results.

Developing a strict policy on not only monitoring repeat offenders, but assessing stricter penalties for those who are guilty of multiple crimes, are good ways to make the world a little safer for the nation’s children.

With all the news about children who are lured away in chat rooms or who become victims of repeat offenders who are living right next door, there is reason to get to work quickly to figure out how to reduce the threats and to keep our children safe from potential predators.

Making sure we know about sex offenders who live in our communities and keeping an eye on their whereabouts are critical first steps.

Published in Editorials on July 8, 2006 11:36 PM