07/27/06 — Holy war worries: Al-Qaida leader’s warning even more reason for resolve

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Holy war worries: Al-Qaida leader’s warning even more reason for resolve

Threats from al-Qaida are nothing new. Every other day, there is a new call to arms and more determination expressed that the terrorist group will not quit until it has extinguished all those who oppose it.

So, the news that al-Qaida’s second in command has called for a holy war and instructed all Muslims to join the Israel/Lebanon battle, should not be that much of a surprise.

But as we listen to the reports of Ayman al-Zawahri’s pledge to destroy those who oppose Islam, we should be even more ready to think a little bit more about what our next step should be as a nation in Iraq.

There is no question that stability is not a reality anytime soon for this region. There is no question that these terror groups are not going to give up killing innocent people or those who are trying to create a new world there.

So, why is it that some people here really seem to think al-Qaida, Hezbollah and other militant groups will sit down and negotiate a lasting peace in the Middle East and that once obtained, that peace can be maintained without a military presence?

The events in the Middle East are scary and even closer than we might think.

Contemplating pulling out of Iraq is the last thought that should be on the minds of our leaders now. Making sure we help create a stable and peaceful Middle East — and then continue to support its new leaders — should be our top priority.

Otherwise, who knows what the next tragedy will be.

Published in Editorials on July 27, 2006 10:47 AM