08/02/06 — Speeding already: There’s still a problem with those who ignore limits

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Speeding already: There’s still a problem with those who ignore limits

On any given morning or afternoon on Ash Street, there is always someone who is in so much of a hurry that he or she decides to ignore the speed limit.

Sometimes the offense is just a couple of extra miles per hour, and sometimes excessive speed is accompanied by an illegal pass on a solid-double-yellow-lined roadway.

Almost a year after two Greenwood Middle School students were severely injured while trying to cross the street on their way to school, few drivers seem to remember the need to slow down, keep their wits about them and pay attention to traffic signals.

In a little more than three weeks, there will be children streaming into Greenwood Middle School. They will be using the crosswalks and otherwise be in the area where there will be cars traveling.

And although the Wayne County School District has every obligation to make sure those children are safe, there is little school officials can do if drivers do not do their part.

The Goldsboro Police Department has been working to make sure that the city’s streets are safe, and there will be a presence at Greenwood when school opens.

But this is an area where drivers can help, too.

Report people you see — even now — who are breaking the speed limit and passing laws on Ash Street. Write down their license numbers and a description of the car.

Those who are caught need to face severe fines and immediate citations. There is no excuse for taking that kind of risk in a school zone.

Now is the time to set up safeguards, before the students arrive, to make sure there won’t be another tragedy at Greenwood.

Published in Editorials on August 2, 2006 11:01 AM