08/09/06 — Paramount plans: You have read about the plan, now tell city what you think

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Paramount plans: You have read about the plan, now tell city what you think

The results are in — and after months of waiting — there is finally a proposal for what to do about the Paramount Theater.

Downtown businessman David Weil’s proposal is more than just another comment in a long line of wishes for the reconstruction of the historic downtown theater. This is a viable and worthwhile — as well as realistic — proposal for recreating a building that is part of the city’s past and could again be a gem in its future.

Now that the plans are in and there is a proposed budget to work from, Goldsboro City Council members and Mayor Al King will have to get about the business of deciding how to pay for the project and determining the level of public support for the reconstruction.

A few of the council members have expressed cautious optimism about the proposed Paramount plan. That is understandable. This is a significant expenditure, and it needs to be looked at carefully. Jumping on a bandwagon just because the news is exciting is not responsible. They should take their time, examine the possibilities and then make the appropriate decisions on what to do next.

Mayor King and Mr. Weil seem to think funding the project is realistic, especially at the reduced pricetag. They are encouraging city leaders not to dawdle and to start work soon on ironing out the logistics and building public support.

And that is where you come in.

Now is the time to speak up if you have an idea, a thought, a comment or other opinion on the Paramount project.

Write a letter, send an email or simply stop by City Hall and talk to Mr. Weil, Mayor King, City Manager Joe Huffman or any council member who might be around.

You might think that your opinion does not matter in light of such a generous gesture by Mr. Weil. After all, wouldn’t it be ungrateful to question any part of his plan or to offer thoughts of your own?

But that is exactly what he and others who care about the community want — the chance to talk about its future and what really is the right decision for the theater and downtown Goldsboro.

The new Paramount proposal is a chance for this community to band together to do something positive that will help build a brighter future for Goldsboro and its residents. Mr. Weil’s plan is a first step of many on that path.

Now is your chance to join in, and to make sure your voice is heard.

Published in Editorials on August 9, 2006 11:06 AM