08/18/06 — Comments are in: Citizens are sharing their views on Paramount plan

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Comments are in: Citizens are sharing their views on Paramount plan

Plenty of letters have come in regarding the recent proposal by Goldsboro businessman David Weil for the reconstruction of the Paramount Theater.

The plan includes a new theater with many of the same amenities as the former showplace, but at a pricetag that is substantially less than the original $12 million estimate.

The new theater project would cost about $5 million, and city officials are busy now trying to find ways to fund the project.

The idea is sound — and so, too, is the plan. With careful stewardship and an eye on costs, the Paramount project could be an important addition to the downtown area — and one of the first building blocks in creating a stronger and more viable Goldsboro.

But even at the new cost of $5 million, city officials and others want to make sure the money will be used not only properly, but with the best interests of future downtown development in mind.

Although most of the comments so far have been positive — and appreciative of the generosity of the Weil family — a few of the letter-writers have some questions, too, about the project. They want to make sure their tax dollars will be wisely spent and that cost overruns will not send the final pricetag skyrocketing.

And that is an important part of the process as the debate continues regarding the Paramount plan.

It is important that those who have questions ask them and that city officials have the opportunity to answer them. A community united behind this project can do great things — and this is too good an opportunity to let doubt cloud the possibilities.

There is also going to be more opportunity to ask questions and to share your support for the project in the coming weeks as Goldsboro City Council members debate not only the Paramount plan, but a newly released proposal for a community building as well.

Both projects could be real boons for this community if they are managed well and include input from the citizens as well as their leaders.

Sunday is the day for the big reveal of what you think about the Paramount project. There is still time to ask questions and to have your say. Send your e-mails to us at rcarey@newsargus.com.

Published in Editorials on August 18, 2006 11:24 AM