08/24/06 — Cause for alarm: Three young Goldsboro men shot from passing vehicle

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Cause for alarm: Three young Goldsboro men shot from passing vehicle

Two young men were shot to death in their car while traveling on Olivia Lane in the early evening on Monday. Another young man walking nearby was wounded by the gunfire.

The shots came from a moving vehicle which then sped away.

There have been two other such deaths in the city this year.

Ironically, the killings have come amid a series of neighborhood meetings in which citizens have voiced their concern over crime in their communities.

What is going on? Many questions arise. Are these simply random drive-by shootings? Are they gang-related — or drug related.

Such speculation could be unfair to the victims. But police, in their determination to find the killers, must explore all possibilities.

Officers have found some shell casings which could be important in tracking down the murderers.

Somewhere among us is someone — or some people — who could be helpful in solving these crimes. This can be done without personal risk since informants can be assured of confidentiality. They also can be compensated financially for their help.

If the killings are gang related, the community could have a problem that could be even greater than random shootings without motives.

But any such armed attacks on our citizens are unacceptable and cause for alarm.

We have an excellent police department with experienced and well-trained investigators. Undoubtedly, they have their intelligence networks throughout the community.

Our city officials and the public at large should let the department know that the city and its citizens are anxious to provide the officers with whatever additional resources they might need to address the gravity of this problem.

Published in Editorials on August 24, 2006 12:20 PM