08/28/06 — A curtain call: For more than two decades,

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A curtain call: For more than two decades,

It might not seem like a tough job, directing the Arts Council of Wayne County. After all, how stressful could paintings and performances be?

So, the casual observer might not really understand how much retiring Arts Council director Alice Strickland has given to her community.

And although she has a more than capable temporary director waiting in the wings to help finish out the performance, there is no question that this art lover will be missed.

Mrs. Strickland has never been silent in her pursuit of what is necessary and best for the arts community in Wayne County. Her determination is manifested in the building the council now calls home as well as in every production, exhibit or other arts event that she touches.

She would take little or no credit for her efforts. After all, she is merely the conduit for the artists and a really hard-working and dedicated board, she would say.

But anyone who thinks Alice Strickland is not one of the reasons the arts community has come as far as it has is not paying attention.

Mrs. Strickland has announced her retirement — a well-deserved rest after 25 years.

She will more than likely still be a presence in the arts in Wayne County, but this time she will be in the audience.

And as she makes her curtain call, she should take with her the standing ovation of a grateful community.

Published in Editorials on August 28, 2006 11:10 AM