09/19/06 — Change: There is a way to make your voice heard: Vote them out

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Change: There is a way to make your voice heard: Vote them out

When there is a problem at any level of politics — local, state or national — many people express surprise and outrage that so much has gone so wrong so fast.

They wring their hands and point fingers at the leadership in place, pointing out that the guidance of those individuals has been lacking for some time.

The complaint is almost universal and includes everything from the dollar amounts on their tax bills to the progress of the war in Iraq. You name it and someone, somewhere has something to complain about.

And, most of the time, they are right. There should have been a change years ago — a new direction, a new focus, a new energy.

But what many people forget is that they have the power to make those changes and to right wrongs in their communities, states and country.

And all it takes is a check in a couple boxes on election ballots.

The power to set a new direction for our community truly lies in our willingness to get out and research the positions and the qualifications of the men and women who serve or want to serve in leadership capacities.

Don’t like the policies on the war in Iraq? Want to keep fighting the war on terror exactly as we have been? Then you better be ready to look hard at the presidential race and the upcoming midterm elections.

Worried about the future of your schools or community? Then local races are where you should be focusing.

There is plenty of opportunity to change the direction of any community, but it takes more than words to get the job done. It takes a vote.

And if change is what we seek, now is the time to be part of that process.

Published in Editorials on September 19, 2006 12:38 PM