10/03/06 — There’s still time: Come out and see what’s going on at your county fair

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There’s still time: Come out and see what’s going on at your county fair

As busy as families are these days, sometimes they do not take the time to appreciate what they have right here at home.

That’s what makes this week’s Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair such a can’t-miss opportunity.

And it is not just about the funnel cakes, caramel apples and sausage dogs, either.

There is plenty to learn about history, agriculture and homespun crafts at the annual gathering, which continues through the week — and a few reasons to be proud to be from Wayne County.

This fair has a statewide reputation for being one of the best — and there is plenty to see and do on its midways.

And best of all, there are no video games, television sets or shopping malls within eyesight.

There are a lot of volunteers who have put an enormous number of hours into making this the best Wayne County fair ever. They are on the grounds day and night to make sure the area is a safe, fun place for families.

And that alone is reason enough to get in your car and check it out tonight.

For city kids with little knowledge of the history of Wayne County — and those who might not know that one of this area’s main industries is agriculture — it is a chance to remember their roots, and to see a cow up close.

And the fact that there are still plenty of funnel cakes doesn’t hurt either.

Published in Editorials on October 3, 2006 11:18 AM