10/10/06 — More than fish: Wayne County Shriners offer hope for children

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More than fish: Wayne County Shriners offer hope for children

You might not know Katie Walker, although if you ever hear her voice, you would never forget her.

And if you bought a fish lunch or dinner from the Wayne County Shriners last week, you probably helped fund a program that made miracles like Katie’s possible.

When she was a little baby, her leg did not grow right. But because of the efforts of the Shriners’ hospitals, you would never know it today.

She has a prosthetic leg — and that process was not easy in itself. Lots of time and money went into finding just the right limb for that young child.

But her heroes never gave up.

And that’s why the Shriners’ hospitals are such special places. They make dreams possible.

No sick child will ever have to suffer or miss out on healthcare his or her family cannot afford as long as the Shriners are around.

The money raised at last week’s fish fry is just part of the efforts that are conducted here and around the nation to provide medical services for children just like Katie.

Their stories are numerous and touching. The Shriners say that hearing just one will make you work as hard as you can to make sure no child will ever be turned away from a hospital. And that is a record Wayne County’s members and their brothers throughout the country work hard every day to keep.

Katie is an aspiring country music singer now. She is all grown up — a confident, happy young woman. She is full of the dreams of success that come with knowing that you can beat any odds when you have people in your corner.

There is still time to contribute to the Shriners’ cause. The costs of operating these hospitals increases every year — and raising money to keep them going is an ongoing process.

So, if you weren’t able to buy any fish this year, look up a Shriner or hand over a check the next time you see one of the mobile units in a parade.

Capt. George Raecher of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, and this year’s fish fry chairman, will also be happy to take your money and make sure it goes to the hopsital funds.

The men — and their supportive wives — who work so hard for the children say there is no better place to put your money and heart than in the future of the nation’’s children.

Katie Walker’s story proves just how rewarding that support can be. It changed her life.

Published in Editorials on October 10, 2006 11:05 AM