11/21/06 — Scary story: Think there isn’t a problem with drunken drivers?

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Scary story: Think there isn’t a problem with drunken drivers?

It might have made you laugh when you read it — a man who went to court — drunk — to answer for his fourth DWI, allegedly carrying marijuana.

And since he is innocent until proven guilty, there is no sense in detailing the rest of the case. You read the story. You know how officials say it happened.

But even though it is funny — and probably made the rounds of office water coolers today, the story itself is a small example of what is becoming a real problem — drunken drivers.

How many times do we allow people to be called before a judge to answer for driving a car while under the influence before we take the most drastic of drastic measures? And how many times over the past few years have people lost their lives when they were unlucky enough to run into a repeat offender who still managed to get back on the road?

The sad fact about this recent story is that it is not an isolated case. Multiple DWI offenders abound — and some don’t really get stopped until they harm someone else or kill themselves.

So, we can laugh at the man’s bravado and giggle over what the court appearance must have been like, but we should also take note of the real problem it showcases.

Published in Editorials on November 21, 2006 10:38 AM