11/26/06 — Have some fun: United Way blends merriment with the joy of giving

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Have some fun: United Way blends merriment with the joy of giving

It’s all in fun, the United Way’s newest challenge for its community partners.

Bring It On will send a state representative to the pickle plant, the mayor to Starbucks and the sheriff to Krispy Kreme.

And then there is the mystery guest at the 90 percent mark ... and a local attorney’s daring leap if the magic 100 percent total is achieved.

All of them are fun ways to get you to pay attention to the final push the United Way needs to achieve the goal of affecting 28,800 lives in 2007.

You might wonder why you should dig a little deeper into your pockets this year to help the United Way of Wayne County reach its goal of a little less than $1.5 million.

You might wonder how contributing a little bit more — or for the first time — will make your community a better place to live.

The answers to both questions are the same. It is about caring for our own. The examples are numerous. There are families in this community who benefit — and survive — every day because of the services provided by the organizations funded by the United Way.

And also because you never know when someone you know or love might be the next recipient.

From Meals on Wheels for homebound senior citizens to the Boys & Girls clubs that give local youths a place to go after school, there are a slew of services that are used every day that have the United Way seal associated with them.

And it is through your generous support that this county is able to continue to provide assistance for disaster victims, counseling services for domestic violence victims and a helping hand for those who have run into a spell of bad luck.

And to continue to help thousands of people next year, all we have to do is do what we do best — pull together as a community to get the job done.

The United Way’s Bring It On challenge will allow all of us to get into the spirit of giving while having a little fun on the side.

Who wouldn’t want to see Louis Pate in a hairnet or Sheriff Carey Winders in a Krispy Kreme hat? And isn’t it really about time Mayor Al King did some work at Starbucks rather than just spending his time slurping down peppermint mochas?

And Geoff Hulse is right. There are a lot of people who would love to see him jump off anything — they will just have to settle for allowing him to do it with a parachute.

And watch for the next big announcement. That 90 percent challenger will be worth the wait.

The community drive is not the only place to have a little fun, either.

Issue your own challenges at your places of business.

Let’s see which elementary school can collect the most dimes in support of United Way or what your boss might be willing to do if you and your fellow workers can raise an additional $500 to help the United Way serve the community. If you are doing something fun, let us know. And if you want to issue a challenge to someone else, let us know that, too. We will help you get the word out — and showcase the winner. That is what this is all about — caring about each other while having a little fun.

This community has never let its neighbors in need down. By banding together now, we can make sure that is a tradition that continues.

Published in Editorials on November 26, 2006 12:01 AM