12/12/06 — A new, clean wind: New representative takes a stand for what’s right

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A new, clean wind: New representative takes a stand for what’s right

It might seem hard to believe, but Greene, Lenoir and Wayne counties just might have elected themselves a politician who says he stands for something — and means it.

Democrat Van Braxton, fresh off his win in the controversial District 10 race, has already proven he just might remember to be his own man when he gets to Raleigh.

Braxton is one of few Democrats who is already saying publicly — “anyone but Jim Black.”

Braxton rightly points out that re-electing a scandal-plagued speaker of the House is not in the best interest of the citizens of North Carolina. He hopes he will not even have to entertain the notion.

And to make that declaration takes a whole bunch of courage — especially when you are a member of the majority party.

That is not the feeling of most of the others who were asked what they would do if faced with a Jim Black nomination. They are going to weigh all sides and then make a choice. Hmmm. Sounds like a typical politician do-si-do, doesn’t it?

There comes a time in anyone’s political life when you have the chance to say what you think and to do what is right, even if those around you seem intent on waiting for someone else to take the first stab at courage.

This one is an easy one.

Whether they are Republican or Democrat, most people should know that a scandal-plagued speaker of the House is the last thing North Carolina needs if it wants to be taken seriously.

So, it seems odd that so many aren’t ready to commit to changing the leadership.

Maybe they need to have a talk with Van Braxton.

It ought to be an interesting vote.

Published in Editorials on December 12, 2006 10:59 AM