12/26/06 — Just a gesture: Small projects make a big impression on community

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Just a gesture: Small projects make a big impression on community

For Mason Bland, $50 was a lot of money.

So, for the 10-year-old to decide to give it all to the United Way — that’s something special.

His reason? He wanted to help others, particularly children.

And he is not alone.

Pay attention over the next week and you will hear their stories — people who are making a last push to help the United Way reach its goal — sometimes with an embarrassing result.

At least that’s what happened when Sheriff Carey Winders agreed to serve doughnuts at 80 percent. He earned $500 in tips — just for schlepping a few Krispy Kreme treats. And then there’s AAR Corp. general manager Gregg Miner. A new corporate neighbor here, he decided to allow himself to be arrested — for the United Way. Fortunately, his staff came through with his $500 bail, and then some.

These sorts of commitments are why what looked like a dismal year for the organization just might turn into a 100 percent finish. At least that’s what attorney and campaign chairman Geoff Hulse hopes. He jumps out of an airplane when the campaign reaches its goal.

The Bring It On effort has been a reminder that this is a strong community with old friends and new neighbors willing to jump in to make difference.

What a great way to finish out the year, and a worthy goal to aspire to maintain as 2007 dawns.

Published in Editorials on December 26, 2006 11:54 AM