01/03/07 — You brought it: Community really rallied behind United Way’s efforts

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You brought it: Community really rallied behind United Way’s efforts

Tuesday afternoon at the library will never be the same — not after Cincinnati Reds Manager Jerry Narron came to town and spent a couple of hours reading to youngsters as part of the United Way’s Bring It On campaign.

The storytimes with the “Big Red Read Machine” as he was dubbed for the event — was the 90 percent installment of the organization’s fund-raising campaign.

And to think, just a few weeks ago, the United Way was not even at 60 percent of its goal.

So, when called upon to help, Wayne County residents rolled up their sleeves and helped the organization get to 95 percent, just a little bit shy of the $1.44 million needed to improve the lives of more than 28,800 of their neighbors this year.

There are many to thank for getting us this far. The last-minute push for goal was kicked off by Rep. Louis Pate and his pickle-packing, followed by Mayor Al King’s coffee serving and Sheriff Carey Winders’ doughnut peddling.

And there were many more “just folks” who challenged each other to help raise money for what has become one of the most important campaigns of the year.

We have just a little further to go before we hit 100 percent and local attorney and campaign chairman Geoff Hulse jumps out of an airplane — with his parachute. If you want to help us get there, there is still time to send in a check.

But in the meantime, there are plenty of people who deserve thanks for their hard work, their spirit and the energy they put in to get this job done.

It should be no surprise that this county rose to the challenge — and it is yet another reason to be very proud to live here.

Published in Editorials on January 3, 2007 11:24 AM