01/09/07 — Serious talk only: We’re looking for the best and brightest, not just politicians

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Serious talk only: We’re looking for the best and brightest, not just politicians

Don’t think the hoopla over who is running and who isn’t in the 2008 presidential race is the only rumor mill that is going when it comes to elections.

Before the national stage in 2008, there will be some local races right here at home that should capture a bit of attention before they hit the ballots this November.

Odd-year elections are often local contests, with many key leadership positions up for grabs.

And this year is no exception.

We will weigh in later on the players and what they have to offer this community, but before we do ... a warning to all those who want to lead this city or county in the coming years.

This is a serious job — and Wayne County voters only want serious applicants. These are not stepping stones to a larger political reach or a chance to boost your business. We want people who are serious about leading this community forward in a forthright, upright and respectful manner. No politicians whose agendas include self-interest need apply.

There are already some worthy officeholders in place — many who have proven that they understand how important their leadership is to the future of this community. So, to replace them, you have to show us that you have ideas — and a commitment to follow them through.

And incumbents have something to prove, too, before we give them another term. We want to see progress, not talk. Tell us what vision you have for this community and how you will get us there.

This interview process is not going to be easy. We really want the best candidates to take us forward.

So, show us what you’ve got. We’re listening.

Published in Editorials on January 9, 2007 1:26 PM