01/12/07 — You did it: Pulling together means 28,800 lives will be forever changed

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You did it: Pulling together means 28,800 lives will be forever changed

There are hundreds of Wayne County residents who can count themselves among the reasons United Way of Wayne County 2006-07 campaign chairman Geoff Hulse could announce at last night’s wrapup event that the organization had achieved its $1.44 million goal.

There are the campaign volunteers, of course; the loaned executives and others who volunteered their time to take the message of the United Way to potential donors; and the United Way staff.

There were the members of the board of directors and the executive committee as well as committee chairmen who planned, executed and cheered on the campaign for more than a year.

There were the members of the community who rallied behind the Bring It On campaign and the local leaders who took time from their busy schedules to live up to the promises they made if residents helped the organization reach its goal.

But when it came right down to it, it was the individuals themselves — the people who work at businesses and other organizations big and small — who checked a payroll deduction box or wrote a check to support the United Way.

Several organizations, Wayne Community College, Wayne County Schools, Cooper-Standard Automotive, Mt. Olive Pickle, T.A. Loving Co., Wayne County Government and Wayne Memorial Hospital, raised very large amounts of money for the campaign and were recognized at the banquet. We are proud to be on that list, too. And there are many other groups that also had successful campaigns.

If you asked the boss at each plant or business, he or she would credit his or her employees for supporting the United Way and bringing in the donations. These were people from all walks of life who decided to care enough about someone else to give as much as they could.

And all of us, whether we could give $5 or $500, should be proud to have lived up to our commitment to helping those who need us in our community.

The money we raised will go toward all sorts of programs that help Wayne County families. You will hear the stories of the people who have been helped over the next year. And when you do, feel proud, without you, there would be no stories to tell. There will be lives forever changed because of the assistance United Way-funded organizations provide. Some of you might even know someone personally who will get a helping hand.

So, congratulations Wayne County. You rose to yet another challenge — and did yourselves proud.

Published in Editorials on January 12, 2007 11:34 AM