01/31/07 — Well-deserved: Dr. Ed Wilson never thinks he deserves honor for work

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Well-deserved: Dr. Ed Wilson never thinks he deserves honor for work

The last time someone wrote something nice about Wayne Community College president and community volunteer Dr. Ed Wilson, he complained, politely, that the tribute was too much, that he did not really deserve the credit or accolades he had been given.

So, there is no doubt that once again, he will think that the honor bestowed on him by the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night was very much-appreciated, but not so deserved.

The newly crowned Cornerstone Award winner joins a list of distinguished names of men and women who have made a significant difference in Wayne County’s past, present and future.

And it is company he very much deserves to be a part of — even if he won’t admit it.

Those who know Dr. Wilson know that he is one of the most active community volunteers Wayne County has. In addition to his tireless work to improve education for students around the state, he also is extremely active in a number of organizations dealing with work force and economic development and community service.

He has a reputation for being someone you can count on if you have an important project to get done — and he is.

During his acceptance “speech” Tuesday, Dr. Wilson acknowledged, humbly, the honor he had been given and thanked those present for their kindness.

And a second later, he was attributing every one of his achievements to his staff at the college. Without them, he said, he could not possibly have done so much in the community.

How typical — and how emblematic of the kind of leadership Dr. Wilson has shown both at the college and in his community. It is really why he is so respected and so loved by so many.

Dr. Wilson has decided to retire this year and to head into full-time grandchildren adoration and relaxation. He took the time Tuesday to thank three other very important people in his life for their support — his son, Stephen; his daughter, Sherri; and his wife, Sue. It was easy to see just how much they have meant to him.

Even though Dr. Wilson has chosen to give up his full-time job, there is no doubt he will continue to be a part of making Wayne County a better place to live and work. He just might move his office to the golf course.

In the meantime, he will just have to accept a few of the many thank-yous that will come his way. Even though he might not think so, they are well-deserved.

Published in Editorials on January 31, 2007 11:29 AM