02/03/07 — Clean sweep: Goldsboro City Council idea on terms is worth considering

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Clean sweep: Goldsboro City Council idea on terms is worth considering

It doesn’t seem like very good planning that every couple of years the entire Goldsboro City Council and the city’s chief executive are up for re-election.

Although such an arrangement might seem like a relief for those who get a little tired of the hoopla that accompanies an election of any kind, there are definitely reasons to consider an alternative.

While the idea of a clean sweep if the current cast of politicians has not been doing too good a job seems appealing, the council’s proposal to stagger terms is actually a good idea.

If an entire council were to turn over, and the mayor would be replaced, too, there would be a serious lack of continuity — and an enormous adjustment period for those who came on board. Having some who will be around to help the new members adjust just might be beneficial.

Although the complete turnover probably would happen very rarely, staggering terms gives voters a chance to really look hard at the job their representatives are doing without worrying about who will mind the store if they decide to make a change. Also, an entire council would not be distracted from the city’s business as they tried to campaign to keep their seats.

The council has just begun to take a look at the idea of staggering terms, so there should be more debate from members and the community as the discussion continues.

But rather than dismiss their idea as politicians trying to shake up the process by which they keep or lose their jobs, city residents should consider the council’s idea — and then let their representatives know how they feel.

If staggering terms helps provide the best leadership possible for the city, it might be worth considering.

Published in Editorials on February 3, 2007 10:58 PM