02/19/07 — Second chance: Organization’s willingness to step up will help victims

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Second chance: Organization’s willingness to step up will help victims

The news that the Wayne Uplift Resource Association has decided to take on some of the services previously offered by The Lighthouse of Wayne County is a positive development after months of uncertainty surrounding domestic violence services in the county.

The entire problem is not solved yet. There is still no local shelter for victims. County officials say that should be coming soon.

The important thing is that this time around, those who are charged with caring for the county’s domestic violence victims are taking their time setting up a program that will have the proper resources to get the job done.

And in a county where domestic violence continues to be a real problem, getting these services back up and running — and with an organization that will make sure they stay up and running — is critical.

The Lighthouse problems are a complicated story — and one for which there might never be a clear answer as to how the organization’s financial matters ended up in such disarray.

But there is a lesson to be learned here — especially if the next group to offer to take the reins of domestic violence victim services might include agencies that receive some tax dollars.

This new organization will need regular audits, close monitoring of resources and services provided and a plan for the future. And that is exactly what seems to have been done.

Those who have been a part of this resurrection should be proud of the work they have done. It just might give a few Wayne County families their own second chances.

Published in Editorials on February 19, 2007 11:07 AM