05/04/07 — ‘Is this on?’: Proposed cuts to programs suggest no one is listening

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‘Is this on?’: Proposed cuts to programs suggest no one is listening

Ever come up to a microphone, tap it and wonder if anyone out there can hear you?

Well, that is just what seems to be happening whenever someone tells the powers that be in Raleigh that they need to turn their attention to a problem.

This time, it is with mental health services and the state’s budget.

Gov. Mike Easley’s latest proposal suggests another cut in funding for mental health programs in the state — and a rather significant one at that. This is on the heels of many complaints by providers and patients about the efficiency in the current system and the quality of services it offers North Carolina families.

So, with questions swirling about whether the system works, and families telling their legislators that there is a concern about finding and qualifying for help, the leadership in Raleigh decides the right move is to cut the funding even further.

Makes you wonder just what the state’s leadership is doing up there while the rest of the state deals with real-life concerns.

There are some positives in the new budget — someone seems to finally have gotten the message about the drain caused by Medicaid costs and the need to attract and keep good teachers in North Carolina.

So, perhaps we should be happy that at least something got done right.

Or, we could remind our leaders that we expect something to be done about fixing the problems with the mental health services — immediately.

We will just have to wait and see if anyone is listening this time.

Published in Editorials on May 4, 2007 10:56 AM