05/10/07 — Cut the pork first: Legislators need to pare down budget before it gets vote

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Cut the pork first: Legislators need to pare down budget before it gets vote

A N.C. House of Representatives committee charged with taking a preliminary look at the budget has sent back a version missing one rather unnecessary portion — lawmaker pork.

The members of the committee asked that pet projects be removed from this year’s spending plan, especially in light of the fact that there are more expenses and fewer tax dollars to cover them.

Taxpayers might have to spend more to operate their state this year. And that is not including the money that local governments will ask for from taxpayers for their own expenses.

In Wayne County’s case, that includes the possibility of a pretty significant school facilities bond issue.

Good for the legislators who said enough is enough.

This is not the year to be asking North Carolina taxpayers to dig any deeper — especially to cover projects that could wait or have no business being funded with state dollars in the first place.

And every county has them.

This is a year when fiscal responsibility is just as important at the state government level as it is here at home. There are too many areas that need extra attention — and that means more tax dollars.

Paring down the budget is a good way to maximize the use of available tax dollars.

And when the committee is done here, perhaps its members can show the federal government how pork cutting is done.

Published in Editorials on May 10, 2007 11:21 AM