07/12/07 — Al-Qaida worry: Amassing danger something Americans shouldn’t ignore

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Al-Qaida worry: Amassing danger something Americans shouldn’t ignore

Al-Qaida is not like any other enemy. These Islamic extremists are determined to defend their faith against those they see as mortal enemies.

And, that’s us, by the way, and many other Western nations who do not follow the principles of Islam.

As more news comes out of Washington about the increased terror concerns this summer — and indications that the terrorist organization is rebuilding its forces continue to mount — Americans might want to think hard about what they are willing to risk to keep their country safe.

The war in Iraq might have its problems, but it is only a symptom of a much more dangerous concern when it comes to Middle East politics and the future.

Instability — anywhere — is how Islamist militants are born — and how they decide that they must complete their mission of exterminating those they see as enemies of their faith.

Chief among those enemies are Americans.

To pretend that the Iraqi government is ready to prevent such insurrections or that the Middle East will settle down when U.S. troops leave is simply foolish.

This is an area that we know will continue to be a danger to the world if it is not stabilized and other countries do not take on the responsibility of creating a new peace.

There might need to be more, not less, U.S. presence abroad as the battle continues.

The idea, of course, is to keep any wars overseas and away from American homes and families.

The al-Qaida threat is real and one this nation cannot continue to discount. What we decide to do next could be critical to our futures. We should choose carefully.

Published in Editorials on July 12, 2007 11:33 AM